Breeding, my passion

Dogs raised with freedom and respect

Our Pomskys & Australian Shepards

Two family dogs with unique characters

Our breeding philosophy is based on respect for the needs of the animals and we strive to ensure that every puppy born into our care is healthy and happy. 

More about our kennel

As a small family breeding located in Ile de France, we prioritize the well-being of our animals. They're part of our family and live in a loving and nurturing environment, enjoying daily walks, physical and mental activities, and even dog training courses.

Notre priorité est que nos Galopins se sentent bien à nos côtés et que chacun d’eux puisse être choyé. Ainsi, ils sauront vous faire le meilleur des accueils. 

We put the same emphasis on socialization and development for all our puppies and kittens, ensuring their first two months with us are full of love and learning.

Of course, we also take great care in maintaining the health of our animals. Our breeders undergo testing for any potential defects, and all our dogs and puppies are regularly monitored by a trusted veterinarian.  

More about us

  • Our breeding is focused on providing a family environment for our dogs, where they receive the attention and care they need.

  • We have a dog trainer available five days a week to offer a range of activities, including walks, agility, dog dancing, and obedience.

  • Our facilities are designed with their well-being and safety.

    We offer early stimulation for all our puppies and kittens from their first days of life.

  • We take the characters of each of our animals into account and guide you as best as possible in your choice of a new furry family member.

  • Our breeders have the character of teddy bears and will warmly welcome you with lots of kisses!

Our breeds

We have carefully selected and chosen to raise three breeds that we particularly like: 

  • the British Longhair and Shorthair,
  • the American Shepherd (a Miniature Australian Shepherd),
  • the Pomsky (a cross between a Husky and a Spitz). 


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