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The Pleasure of an Australian Shepherd with a Smaller Size, Suited for a Parisian and Urban Life.

The Toy Australian Shepherd is smaller than the Miniature Australian Shepherd, which is itself smaller than the Australian Shepherd. In conclusion, it is the smallest Australian Shepherd you can find.

Have you always dreamed of having an Australian Shepherd, but its size worries you and leaves you uncertain? Do you love traveling by train and/or plane but don't want your dog to be in the cargo hold? Well, the Toy Australian Shepherd meets all these criteria. It can accompany you everywhere while maintaining the appearance, structure, and temperament of the Australian Shepherd. 

Where does the Australian Toy Shepherd come from?

The History of the Miniature American Shepherd

To put it simply, the Australian Toy Shepherd has the same characteristics as the standard Australian Shepherd. The only difference is their size. 

Therefore, when we talk about the origins of this breed, we must start with the origins of standard-sized Australian Shepherds. This intelligent, enduring, and agile breed lived in Australia before being raised in the United States. 

Since then, Australian Shepherds have been used as working dogs and are highly appreciated by stockmen.

During the 1960s, when small dogs became more popular, breeders began to recreate standard-sized Australian Shepherds in a smaller form. 

By gradually reducing the size, a mini standard then toy standard appeared, first in the United States and then in France. 

Today, the Miniature American Shepherd is recognized by the American Kennel Club and the French breed registry, LOF.  
This is not yet the case for the Australian Toy Shepherd, which is non-LOF. However, it is recognized by clubs in the United States. 

Identical Morphology

The standard for the Australian Toy Shepherd is very similar to that of the Australian Shepherd. 

Morphologically, it should therefore be difficult to distinguish between an Australian Shepherd and an Australian Toy Shepherd. This is where the breeders' work comes in.  

The only major difference between a standard Australian Shepherd and an Australian Toy Shepherd is their size.
Indeed, the Australian Toy Shepherd must be between 25,4 and 35,6 cm tall an weigh between 5.4kg and 7.7kg. The standard is the same for males and females. 

While for the Miniature American Shepherd, the size varies, for females between 33 and 43cm, for males the size should be between 35 and 46cm. 

For standard Australian Shepherds, the height ranges from 46 to 53 cm for females and 51 to 58 for males.  

It is therefore important to inquire about the breeding and size of the parents in order to have an Australian with the size that suits you.

Australian Shepherd Toy

The Standard of the Miniature Australian Shepherd

Size and Proportion

The Toy Australian Shepherd is not a result of crossbreeding; it is a reduction in size of the standard Australian Shepherd. 

Its appearance is therefore similar to that of the Australian Shepherd, and its aesthetic standard should closely resemble the latter. It should have a proportionate body, neither too long nor too short on its legs, maintaining a pleasing harmony. 

The nose should be pigmented black for black tricolor and blue merle dogs, and salmon-colored for red and red merle dogs. More than 50% depigmentation of the nose is also a serious fault. 

The head should be nicely shaped with a pronounced stop at the muzzle, proportionate to the body. It should display an alert and attentive expression. 

The eyes should be slightly almond-shaped, well-positioned, and neither protruding nor sunken. All eye colors are allowed: blue, brown, heterochromia, and parti-color. 

The ears of the Toy Australian Shepherd should be triangular, positioned high on the head, and of medium size. Ears held upright or too low are not allowed and are a serious fault, disqualifying the dog from competitions and confirmation. 

The standards for the Toy Australian Shepherd and the American Shepherd are very similar, with the main difference being the size, which should range from 25 to 35.5 cm at the withers for both males and females. 

General Appearance

The Toy Australian Shepherd should maintain overall proportionality, with neither overly short legs nor an excessively long body. It should have a harmonious body structure. 

Its general appearance should reflect that of a small, dynamic, and alert dog. 
A smooth and effortless movement, indicating a proud and elegant gait, is appreciated.  

A beautiful Toy Australian Shepherd will maintain a certain bone structure, giving it a sporty and sturdy appearance.  

Additionally, it is desirable to maintain a certain density of coat. 

On appréciera également garder une certaine densité de poil.  

The Character of the Toy Australian Shepherd

Velcro Dog

The Toy Australian Shepherd is a velcro dog. It adores its human and loves spending time with them.

Its greatest joy? Following you on all your adventures, participating in your activities, constantly checking that you're fine and always there. 

In short, if given the choice, the Toy Australian Shepherd will always be by your side. It's not a dog that can be left alone for 10 hours every day. It's also not a dog that can be confined. It needs its human and loves them unconditionally. 

The Sensitive Soul

The Toy Australian Shepherd, like the Miniature American Shepherd, is a highly sensitive dog. This can be a great quality with proper training and socialization. 

The Toy Australian Shepherd will require your full attention and tenderness. It responds very well to positive reinforcement training. Setting up positive and compassionate training methods will yield the best results. 

When I talk about a sensitive small dog, I mean a dog that feels and experiences everything intensely. It can also be quickly affected by neglectful or stressful situations. Both the breeder and the future owner play a crucial role in its socialization and well-being.

Energetic Dog

The Toy Australian Shepherd is small in size but has significant exercise needs. 
As mentioned earlier, the Toy Australian Shepherd is not a result of crossbreeding but rather the selection of the smallest Miniature Australian Shepherds over several years.  

Therefore, like the Australian Shepherd, it needs physical and mental exercise. We recommend a minimum of 1 hour of daily outdoor activity, which can be achieved through 2 to 3 walks of 30 minutes each. 
You can also engage your Toy Australian Shepherd in various activities such as dog dancing, agility, visiting dog parks, and obedience training. 

This dynamic little dog will be thrilled to participate in both physical and mental activities with you. It loves learning new commands and tricks, and the only limit is your imagination. 

A City Life for a Toy Australian Shepherd

A City Dog

It is difficult to envision the life of an Australian Shepherd in an apartment or even in the city... But what about the Toy Australian Shepherd? In my opinion, the Toy Australian Shepherd can indeed live in an apartment under two conditions: 

  • The first is that it requires your presence, meaning several days of teleworking per week, the possibility of coming home at noon, and children who finish school early. A shepherd cannot be left alone locked up for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week... 
  • The second is that it will need your involvement in its education and in providing activities for it. Remember that your shepherd needs you and you will be a true pillar for them.

If you meet these two criteria, then you can definitely have a Toy Australian Shepherd in an apartment and in the city. 

The Toy Australian Shepherd also requires minimal grooming maintenance, with an average of 2 to 3 baths and two grooming sessions per year. 
As for brushing, it will appreciate being brushed about once a week on average. 

The Toy Australian Shepherd is a dog with great adaptability and attentiveness, allowing it to live in the city and roam the streets of Paris. Of course, it will be necessary for it to have been familiarized with this environment from a young age; this will make it easier for them. 

However, it is important to remember that it is a dog that needs to exercise and let off steam.
It will always be ready for long walks in the woods, swims in streams, bike rides, and even a trip to the mountains. Despite its small size, it has a great need for physical exercise, just like the Australian and American Shepherds. 

A Sociable Dog

The Australian Shepherd can live in the city because it is also a sociable dog. 
It is sociable with other dogs. In fact, it is a small dog that gets along with all types and breeds of dogs, both small and large. Despite its small size, it loves playing with dogs of all sizes and knows how to position itself well among them. 
The same goes for other animals, especially cats. If it has been accustomed to being around them from a young age, there will be no issues. 

Regarding humans, it is also a very friendly dog when properly socialized. It loves approaching people and enjoying their caresses and tenderness. 

Thus, its excellent compatibility with other animals and humans makes it a perfect city dog. 

Berger Américain

A Robust and Healthy Dog

A Healthy Dog

Whether it's a Miniature or Toy Australian Shepherd, they are robust dogs and generally in good health. 
There are no major points of concern. They withstand physical exertion well, are tolerant of both hot and cold temperatures, and do not have any specific conditions that require special attention or monitoring. 

However, it is important to have them tested for several genetic diseases: HUU, MD, PRCD, CEA, MDR1, MCD, HSF4. 
I will provide you with a link that summarizes the different diseases and their significance: Health Tests (

It is also important that their parents are tested for hip and elbow dysplasia. 
On your part, your puppy should avoid intense activities and jumping, as well as climbing stairs before the end of their growth period, around 7-8 months. These precautions are put in place to prevent hip dysplasia problems in adulthood.  

Feeding the Toy Australian Shepherd

There are several options you can choose from when it comes to feeding your Toy Australian Shepherd. 

Our Toy Australian Shepherd Breeding

Why Did We Choose the Toy & Mini Australian Shepherd?

I have always been fascinated by the Australian Shepherd. This majestic dog is capable of learning quickly and is a real cuddle-bug. However, living in the Île-de-France region, especially in an apartment, it seemed impossible. 

While researching on the internet, I discovered the American Shepherd. I was quickly won over by its morphology and character, similar to that of the Australian Shepherd. 

So, I selected a breeding program and welcomed my first miniature American Shepherd. 

However, the size of the American Shepherd was still too high for a small apartment or for travel enthusiasts who wanted to keep their dog in the cabin. 
So, I decided to start breeding Toy Australian Shepherds, which are smaller than the American Shepherd.  

Our Miniature American Shepherd Environment

All our dogs are sociable. We stimulate them from a young age to make them well-adjusted adults and true life companions for us. 

We have thoughtful facilities for their well-being. These facilities allow them to be safe and live comfortably. 

Our dogs do not live in cages. They are taken out from morning to evening, and we offer them alternate opportunities to go with us to the forest, walks, vacations, weekends. 

All of our dogs are sociable. They know how to walk on a leash and enjoy being walked. 

Our goal? To offer them a family life where each one feels loved and respected, and everyone has their place.  

Australian Shepherd Mini
Berger australien Toy

Strong and Healthy!

All of our adult dogs are tested for breed-related diseases and are free of defects.

There are different tests to be done on breeding Australian Shepherds.

Hip dysplasia:

It is a developmental abnormality of the hip causing deformation of the femoral head that gradually deforms.
There are many risk factors that cause this pathology, such as growth, heredity, activity, overweight...

In all cases, from 12 months of age, breeding dogs must have a hip X-ray which will then be studied by an official reader. The results vary from very good A/A to very bad E/E.

Here are the other problems we test for on our breeding dogs: 

MOHC (Canine Hereditary Eye Diseases) 

Hereditary Cataract (HSF4 - A)

Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)

Hyperuricosuria (HUU)

Multifocal Retinopathy (CMR1)

Drug Sensitivity (MDR1)
This corresponds to a mutation of the MDR1 gene and causes an accumulation of certain drugs in the brain, which then becomes toxic and can cause the animal's death. A study has shown that 58% of Australian Shepherds may be sensitive. 
Une étude a permis de préciser que 58 % des Berger Australien peuvent être sensibles.

All of our dogs are monitored by a veterinary health professional. Our puppies leave vaccinated, identified, dewormed, with a certificate of good health, and a Healthvet insurance. 

So, Interested in a Toy Australian Shepherd?

Your Choice

Our goal is to offer you a puppy that meets your expectations, in good health and fully socialized so that they fit perfectly into your family life. 

We attach great importance to your physical and psychological criteria and preferences. Our role is to guide and help you find your ideal companion. 

None of our families will make a choice based on a photo. It is indeed essential for us that you can meet your puppy to perceive their character and commit with full knowledge. 

You will be invited to come to the breeding between 5 and 6 weeks of age of the puppies to meet the litter and the parents. 

For our families on the waiting list, it is a wonderful adventure that will be offered to them. You will follow the daily evolution of your puppy to create beautiful memories from birth!

Our Commitment

We are available before and after adoption to answer all your questions and assist you whenever needed. We remain lifelong resources for our puppies and their families.

Furthermore, we provide free educational support with a canine trainer for the first 3 months following the adoption of your puppy. This way, you will receive guidance and tips to effectively train your four-legged companion and establish a harmonious and lasting relationship with them.

In short, we give you all the keys to create a close relationship with your pet.

Australian Shepherd Toy

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