American Shepherd's Character

What is the Character of the American Shepherd?

A Mixture of Intelligence and Malice

We will tell you everything about their character! The positive and negative points!
Their strengths and weaknesses 
The character of the American Shepherd will no longer be a secret to you. 

Australian Shepherd character

American Shepherd's Character

Character of the American Shepherd: Physical and Mental Needs

More and more people are falling in love with the American Shepherd. However, it remains a working dog, also known as a herding dog, that needs to be occupied both physically and mentally.

Before falling for a ball of fur, ask yourself the right questions to be sure that your lifestyle can correspond to an American Shepherd and that you will be able to make it happy for more than 15 years.

The American Shepherd is a medium-sized dog but has the same physical exercise needs as its cousin, the Australian Shepherd. Most American Shepherds will not be satisfied with a sedentary life as a couch dog.
The American Shepherd needs to expend energy, express itself, meet other dogs, learn new things daily, but above all, it needs its human and loves to stick by their side and ensure their safety!

Attachment and Companionship of the American Shepherd

The American Shepherd is a fast learner and understands quickly! You will be impressed by its speed of learning.
It loves its human and needs to spend a lot of time with them. What it loves more than anything is following its human everywhere, always in their sight and ensuring their safety. This is the great happiness of the American Shepherd!

Are you passionate about Cani cross? Agility? Dog Dancing? River bathing? Well, this is good news, and your American Shepherd will be the first to be delighted to follow you on all these adventures! These activities are also an excellent opportunity to meet other dogs, which is essential for the fulfilment of your American Shepherd.

Socialisation, Environment and Education of the American Shepherd Dog

It's a dog that gets along well with children, but it can be a bit rough in its movements and a bit clumsy: grabbing hair, chasing calves, grabbing and eating stuffed animals, tearing physics assignments. So prepare young and old for this big change and tidy up their environment! If everything is tidy, then nothing will be destroyed!

In my opinion, the American Shepherd can live in an apartment or a house, provided it is sufficiently taken out and provided with sufficient physical and intellectual activities. A bored dog is a dog that will destroy its environment and develop behavioural problems. 

The American Shepherd generally gets along well with other species: cats, rabbits, provided it has been socialized at a young age. Do not hesitate to call on a canine behaviorist if you have any doubts; he or she will guide you. An accident can happen quickly!

The American Shepherd is not known to be a runaway; on the contrary, it is a pot of glue. It will be your other half!
On the other hand, the American Shepherd, being a herding dog, will tend to bark to warn you of the approach of a neighbour or passerby. If you want a quiet dog, work on this from the moment it arrives in your home through simple exercises. It can also be a fearful dog if it has not received good socialisation. From the moment it arrives in your home, introduce it to different humans, dogs, noises, and let it go out and discover the world. Nothing should escape it, or it may develop fears.

In any case, and for all learning, always think positive. We reward good behavior that we want to see repeated.
Work and establish a relationship of trust with your dog, and all learning will come more quickly.

To conclude, I would say that the most important thing for the American Shepherd is to be with you.
Then it is a working dog that needs to be occupied: you will have to plan numerous activities to do with it to stimulate it intellectually and physically. He will then become a true ally and provide you with love and comfort like few others can.

An American Shepherd bought just to look pretty in a garden will, on the contrary, will be very unhappy and quickly become unmanageable.

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