Miniature American Shepherd

Miniature American Shepherd!

All the Advantages of an Australian Shepherd in Pocket Size!

Have you always dreamed of having an Australian Shepherd, but you live in an apartment in the heart of the city and find that the size of the Australian Shepherd is too imposing for your environment? Don't worry, because there is a perfect solution for you: the Miniature and Toy American Shepherd. These adorable canine companions have been specially selected for their small size, making them perfectly suited for apartment living.

Despite their small stature, Miniature and Toy American Shepherds retain all the remarkable qualities of their larger counterpart. They are intelligent, energetic, loyal, and ready to participate in all your activities. Treat yourself to an exceptional and fulfilling canine companionship without compromising on space, thanks to the Miniature and Toy American Shepherd.

Where Does the Miniature American Shepherd Come From?

The History of the Miniature American Shepherd

The history of the Australian Shepherd and that of the Miniature American Shepherd are closely linked. Indeed, the Miniature American Shepherd was born in the 1960s. It comes from the selection of American breeders who kept the smallest Australian Shepherd individuals among their litters. They then bred the dwarf Australian Shepherds together to create miniature Australian Shepherds. 

Originally called Miniature Australian Shepherd, breed clubs in the United States gave it the name Miniature American Shepherd. 

Today, the Miniature American Shepherd is recognized in the American registry and the French breed registry LOF. 

This selection over several years allowed for a significant reduction in the size of the Australian Shepherd while maintaining its morphology and gait. 

Identical Morphology

The Miniature American Shepherd standard is very similar to that of the Australian Shepherd. 

Morphologically, it should therefore be difficult to tell the difference between an Australian Shepherd and a mini American Shepherd. 

The big variation and difference between the two is the size. Indeed, the Miniature American Shepherd should have a height for females between 33 and 43 cm. For males, the height should be between 35 and 46 cm. 

For standard Australian Shepherds, the height ranges from 46 to 53 cm for females and 51 to 58 for males.  

It is important to research the breeding and size of the parents because between a large miniature and a small Australian, the variation can be 1cm.

All other morphological criteria are similar between the Australian Shepherd and the Miniature American Shepherd. You can find the standard of the Miniature American Shepherd via the following link: Miniature American Shepherd | Société Centrale Canine | Excellent Companion Shepherd Dog (

Berger Australien Mini et Toy

The Miniature American Shepherd Standard

General Appearance of the Miniature American Shepherd

The Miniature American Shepherd is a small herding dog that was created in the United States. 

Physically, it should not be too tall or too low. Its body should be slightly longer than it is tall. 

It is important that the Miniature American Shepherd maintain a good bone structure while keeping a fluid gait and gait. 

It is a strong and enduring dog that can withstand rough work. The Miniature American Shepherd is athletic and incredibly intelligent. 

Its coat can be short or medium length and of solid or merle color. The tail of the Miniature American Shepherd is intended to be short or docked according to the standard. Nowadays, more and more countries are banning tail docking for dogs, and more and more breeders are choosing to leave the natural long tail on the Miniature American Shepherd. 

Important Proportions

As mentioned earlier, the Miniature American Shepherd should be slightly longer (from shoulder to point of buttocks) than it is tall (from withers to the end of the feet).

The Miniature American Shepherd should have a well-built structure. A more feminine and delicate appearance is appreciated in females. 

This breed should give off an impression of strength and depth rather than heaviness. If you wish to read the standard of the Miniature American Shepherd in more detail, I am attaching an article by one of our colleagues: The Standard of the Miniature American Shepherd (

The American Shepherd Touch

Eye Color of the American Miniature Shepherd

The eyes of the Miniature American Shepherd are almond-shaped. They are neither too sunken nor protruding. In terms of color, the eyes can be heterochromatic or of the same color. Various colors are accepted regardless of the coat: brown,
blue, hazel, amber, or any combination of these colors. The American Shepherd may maintain a wary and distrustful gaze towards strangers. 

The Ears of the Toy Australian Shepherd

The ears of our Miniature Australian Shepherd are triangular, of moderate size, and set high on the head. When attentive, the ears can be held in a rose position on the sides or folded forward. Just like the Australian Shepherd, the Miniature American Shepherd should not have erect ears, as it is a major fault that can lead to disqualification for confirmation in the LOF (Livre des Origines Français, the French studbook). 

Miniature American Shepherd: Long Tail or Short Tail?

 According to the breed standard, the tail should be naturally short or docked within the first few days of the puppy's life. Docking, which involves cutting off the tail of a dog, is a common practice in the United States for both Australian Shepherds and Miniature American Shepherds. 
In contrast, many countries such as Switzerland now prohibit tail docking and also restrict the entry of any dog that has had its tail docked. American Shepherd puppies can be born with: 

  • A natural short tail, which means they are genetically NBT (natural bobtail) 
  • A half-tail that can vary in length
  • A natural long tail that should form an arc when the subject is at rest.

Docking originated from American traditions. Originally, the Australian Shepherd was a working dog, used to take care of livestock. It was common for the dog to injure its tail during its herding activities. Therefore, tail docking became a standard practice for this breed. Despite the passing years, it is still rare to see an Australian Shepherd or Miniature American Shepherd with a long tail at dog shows in the United States. 
In France, it is starting to become more widespread, and now more and more Miniature American Shepherds keep their tails intact. In any case, it is important to note that tail docking in France is regulated. It must be performed by a veterinarian within the first 5 days of the puppy's life. We have made the personal choice not to dock the tails of our Miniature American Shepherd puppies because our puppies are destined for family life, and this act is not in line with our values of animal welfare and respect. 

City Life for My Shepherd!

The American Shepherd A Dog Adapted To A Parisian Life

The Miniature American Shepherd has a small size which is increasingly attracting Parisian and city families. It is therefore interesting to wonder if the American Shepherd can really live and thrive in the city. 

 This is a medium-sized dog, often around 40cm at the withers, with great adaptability and listening skills which allows it to adapt to different environments, including living in the city. Of course, it will need daily outings and activities that allow it to let off steam.  
I have always been in favor of adopting an American Shepherd in an apartment because families are thus obliged to take their puppy/dog out several times a day on the street. A walk outside is always more enriching and stimulating than a tour in the garden. 

If you want to welcome a miniature American Shepherd in the city, it will be essential to be present and attentive to your dog. A miniature American Shepherd cannot be left alone every day of the week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. It needs the presence of its human and/or to feel useful with a role to play. 

Attention, your American Shepherd may be left alone for several hours and it will even be important to work on this point with him. But his life should not be reduced to being locked up in a Parisian apartment waiting for his owners to return.

Stimulating and Occupying a Miniature American Shepherd in an Urban Environment

There are plenty of ways to stimulate and occupy your miniature American Shepherd in an urban environment. First of all, every outing on the street will be stimulating and a source of discovery, especially if you regularly change the route you take. 
In the city, there are more and more dog meetings and dog parks where you can let your Shepherd play with dogs of all ages and body types, which will be perfect for letting off steam. 
It is now easy, even in the city, to find a forest or park where you can let your dog run free and let off steam. At first, you can use a leash which will allow you to catch him more easily if necessary. 
There are now more and more occupation games such as Kong, search mats, and veal hooves that you can leave for your dog during your absence to keep him occupied. 
You can also work on obedience with your miniature American Shepherd. It is indeed a dog that loves to learn new things and learns them at an impressive speed. 
Finally, you can practice agility, dog dancing, running, and many other activities with your dog. 
I am attaching an article we wrote about activities you can do with your dog: Activities for Your Pomsky: Ideas for Enjoying Your Pomsky (

Alimentation Et Santé Du Berger Américain Miniature ​

The Miniature American Shepherd is a sturdy and robust dog. If your dog has been well-selected, you should rarely need to visit the veterinarian. 
This is primarily a working dog that can withstand a wide range of weather conditions, both hot and cold. It is also an endurance dog that can run several kilometers and participate in numerous sports activities with you.  
It will be essential to ensure that the parents of your future puppy are well-tested for genetic diseases of the Miniature American Shepherd, including: 
-MDR1: Drug Sensitivity 
-AOC-CEA Collie Eye Anomaly
-HSF4 Hereditary Cataract 
CMR1 Multifocal Retinopathye
-PRA-prcd Progressive Retinal Atrophy
CDD la Dégénérescence Précoce des Cônes
-DM Degenerative Myelopathy
- HUU Hyperuricosuria  
In any case, there are three possible statuses for each dog: 

  • +/+: Non-carrier, Not affected 

  • +/-: Carrier, Not affected

  • -/-: Affected, Carrier

It is a greedy dog that rarely turns down its food. It may even tend to gain weight if it is not sufficiently stimulated. It will be important in any case to choose food that is appropriate for its age and of good quality. Not all pet food products available in supermarkets are recommended. It will be preferable to follow the recommendations of your breeder or veterinarian. You can also opt for homemade meals, after consulting with your veterinarian and presenting the menus to ensure that your dog does not suffer from nutrient deficiencies. 
Lastly, another option is to switch your dog to BARF, which is a raw and more natural diet compared to kibble. I'm including a website for you to consult if you're interested in this type of diet: What is BARF Diet? - BARF-ASSO: 1901 law association promoting natural nutrition for domestic carnivores (dogs, cats, and ferrets) - dogs, cats, and ferrets.

Femelle Bleu merle

American Shepherds and Children & Other Animals

Children and American Shepherd

The Miniature American Shepherd is a small dog with a great sensitivity. It is an outgoing and affectionate dog. However, it is important to socialize them from a young age so that they do not become fearful and suspicious. 

A well-adjusted Miniature American Shepherd will make a great family dog. They will always be ready to play with children of all ages. For example, they love playing fetch. They are also an energetic dog that will happily join in on chasing games and bike rides. 

This quick-learning little dog will be thrilled to learn new commands from their young human. Lastly, they are a cuddly and affectionate dog, so your children will be showered with love and kisses. 

In conclusion, they are a perfect dog for children. Of course, it is important to choose a sociable dog and invest in their education. It is also important to respect the puppy's pace... We don't disturb a sleeping puppy, and we don't bother them while they eat. With a little common sense and investment in their education and socialization, adopting a Miniature Australian Shepherd into your family is a mistake-free decision. 

The American Shepherd and Other Animals

The American Shepherd is originally a herding dog whose purpose was to guide and direct herds of livestock. You will notice some of these behaviors in your little shepherd. For example, they enjoy rounding up and may playfully do so with other animals in the household. They also have a tendency to nip a lot when they are puppies. 

More specifically, the Miniature American Shepherd gets along well with other dogs, especially if they are larger. In the case of small breeds like Chihuahuas, Spitz, or Bichons, the stronger your dog's character, the more likely they will establish their place with the Miniature American Shepherd puppy. Otherwise, they may be rough and clumsy during play. 

The same applies to cats. The stronger the character of your cat, such as Savannah or Bengal, the more likely they will be able to communicate when the Miniature American Shepherd is going too far. 
If your cat is a gentle giant, you will need to be vigilant to prevent the puppy from playing too rough or scaring them. 

As for small animals such as rabbits, chickens, and hamsters, the Miniature American Shepherd retains their herding instincts. Therefore, caution must be exercised and they should be introduced from a young age. We are dealing with animals that require strict handling. 

In conclusion, during the puppy and adolescent stage between 3 and 8 months, the Miniature American Shepherd may sometimes be a bit rough. Nevertheless, they are a very sociable dog who will be thrilled to have a feline or canine companion. If you already have a pet, you will not make a mistake by adopting a Miniature American Shepherd. However, it is important to give everyone time to get acquainted and become familiar with each other. 

Our Miniature American Shepherd Breeding

Why this breed?

Since I was a child, I have been passionate about the Australian Shepherd, a majestic dog with which it is possible to create a deep bond in just a few moments.

This dog understands everything in a look, a word, and it is possible to engage in various activities with them: dog dancing, agility, hiking... 

Unfortunately, like many French people, I lived in a 60m2 apartment in Paris. I could not imagine raising an Australian Shepherd in such a small space. I quickly discovered the Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds, which were smaller and seemed to adapt to city life. So I took the plunge and welcomed my first love, my confidante BAYA!
An extraordinary dog, she gave me the passion and the desire to give other families the chance to encounter this unique breed. 

Our Miniature American Shepherd Environment

All our dogs are sociable and playful. We provide them with physical and mental activities throughout the year, with the help of a canine behaviorist. 

They can thus enjoy a family life like any other dog. They are never confined to a box and they participate in our family life.

We attach great importance to the socialization of our puppies. In fact, it is the joy of our profession to see them grow and evolve.
From the first days of their life, we stimulate them physically and intellectually. As they grow, we expose them to different textures, sounds, other dog breeds, other animals... The goal is to provide you with sociable and friendly puppies. 

Strong and Healthy!

All of our puppies leave vaccinated, identified, dewormed, with a certificate of good health, a puppy kit, a welcome guide, and a 2-month insurance policy with Santévet. All of our breeding dogs are tested for breed-related defects and are monitored by a health veterinarian to ensure their good health.

Berger Américain Rouge tricolore
Berger Américain noir tricolore yeux vairons

So, interested in getting an American Shepherd?

It's your choice.

Our goal is to offer you beautiful puppies that meet your criteria in terms of size, temperament, and good health.

Each of our adopters provides us with their criteria and tells us about their lifestyle so that we can best meet their expectations.

We do not make any puppy choices based on photos. It is essential for us that you can meet your puppy in person to get a sense of its temperament.

All of our adopters are therefore invited to meet the puppies at 5-6 weeks old in order to make their choice!

Of course, for our families on the waiting list, you follow the puppies' progress day by day... Birth, first look, first bath, encounter with nature, other dogs... Everything!

Our Commitment

We guide and assist our families in the education of their Pomsky and even offer weekly support in the first few months to help with the acquisition.

  • The recall
  • Cleanliness
  • Learning to be alone
  • Walking on a leash
  • Managing biting
  • And much more

Read our articles to learn more about our passion!