Because Your Opinion Matters!

Pomsky & Mini Aussie

The Charm of Being Miniature in Size

More and more of you are trusting us and giving us your opinions on the Royaume des Galopins and we thank you!

On this page, we want to share with you the evolution of our puppies and the opinions of our families about the Royaume des Galopins.


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It All Begins With: A Phone Call

A Presentation Email

Every week, many families contact us by email to get more information about a breed, our puppies, our breeding, our facilities!
We are always happy to read each out to every one of them, especially when they include the presentation of the family and their lifestyle!

To follow up on this first contact, I take the time to talk on the phone. This is an opportunity for me to get to know you better and for you to ask me any questions you may have. 

Together, we can confirm that the Pomsky or Miniature Australian Shepherd is the right dog for you and that he or she will be happy by your side. 

After this conversation, I will suggest a visit to our kennel.

Visit the kennel!

Our First Physical Meeting

We welcome families to our breeding every day. As our breeding is attached to our home, you will discover our entire world. 

We do not have any particular day or time for visits. We will see and plan it together according to our common schedules and availability. 

During this visit, you will meet many dogs, all of whom are free and enjoying a terrain of more than one hectare. 
All of our dogs are sociable and happy to get to know you as well. 

For everyone's well-being, hygiene rules must be respected. 
No puppy should be carried to avoid any accidents. 

This breeding visit allows you to become aware of the size of our dogs but also of their character. 

The Pomsky and Toy Australian Shepherd are two recent breeds, and therefore their characters vary greatly depending on the lines, breedings, and individuals. 

In Joy and Good Humor

We are always delighted to offer you a little snack during this visit. We maintain very good relationships with our future adopters. 

The priority for us is to establish trust. That you have confidence in our work and selection, and we in your ability to take care of our babies! 

No deposit or reservation should be made on-site. You take the your time to think and reflection. 

When you feel ready, you can send me a text or email to move on to the next step. 

The Waiting List!

The Famous One That Sparks Debate

Yes! We will then offer you to join our waiting list. 
This waiting list simply allows us to know which families are interested and committed to this adventure. 

Before joining, we will ask you to fill out a Google form with all your physical and character criteria. This questionnaire will allow us to guide you in your choice. 

To be on the waiting list, we require a deposit of 500 euros. Of course, we will send you a reservation voucher where all clauses are stipulated. We indicate, in particular, that if none of the puppies were to please you, you could be given priority on the next litter or be reimbursed the 500 euros. 

Let the Adventure Begin

Being on the waiting list is also about participating and following the adventure up close. 

As soon as the puppies are born, a WhatsApp group will be created. You can then follow the evolution of all the puppies: opening of their eyes, first porridge, beginning of walking, playing... everything.

It is also a privileged moment where you can ask us all your puppy. 

Choose your puppy

A New Visit!

At 5-6 weeks old, a new visit will be organized at the breeding site for the puppies. This will be an opportunity to meet the entire litter and find the one that steals your heart! That magical moment when the little spark happens. 

We will be by your side to talk about each of the puppies, their personalities, and their favorite things.

The choice is not made based on who arrives first, but rather based on the criteria you provided at the beginning on the Google form and discussed during the visit. 

Everyone will be able to find their happiness and commit with confidence. 
If none of the puppies appeal to you, you will be placed on another litter or refunded. 

The Big Departure

It's Only Goodbye!

The big departure is one of the most difficult moments for us breeders.

The moment when those we have cherished, cuddled, fed, and washed take their big leap! 

It's always a bittersweet moment when we are both sad to see them go and happy to make you happy and know that our babies are in good hands!

It's also the time for you to ask us your final questions and leave behind any last concerns.

Their Life as Adults

It is now by your side that they will grow, evolve, and build themselves up! 

As a good mother, I will check in after the first night, first 24 hours, and then the first week… 

After that, it will be up to you to keep me updated and send me a few photos!