Everything You Need to Know About Pomsky

FAQ about Pomsky! You will find all the answers to the questions you may have about Pomsky.
All you need to know about Pomsky

FAQs about Pomsky

Is This Mini Husky That Makes Us Completely Melt Suitable for Us?

As the Pomsky is a brand new crossbreed between a Husky and a Spitz, it is difficult to find reliable information online and especially to know if this dog will adapt to your lifestyle and family!
We have tried to gather on this page the questions that are most frequently asked to us in order to allow you to know everything about the Pomsky.

Pomsky F1, F2, F3, What Is It?

The Pomsky is a brand new crossbreed resulting from the marriage between a female Husky and a male Spitz. 

This crossbreed is not yet stabilized, and that is why the Pomsky is classified into several generations. With each advancement in selection, we advance in Pomsky generations. Advancing in generations makes it possible to obtain greater character and morphological stability. However, under no circumstances does advancing in generations reduce the size of the Pomsky or give it more of a Husky or Spitz type. It is also impossible to tell from looking at a Pomsky what generation it is. 

Here is a brief summary of the different Pomsky generations: 

- The first-generation Pomsky F1: Husky & Spitz

- The second-generation Pomsky F2: Pomsky F1 & Pomsky F1 or Pomsky F1 & Pomsky F2

The third-generation Pomsky F3: Pomsky F2 & Pomsky F2 or Pomsky F3 & Pomsky F2

To learn more about Pomsky and the generations, we recommend the following article, which is more comprehensive: Pomsky Generation F1, F2, F2B, can someone explain? (royaumedesgalopins.fr)

What generation to choose to have a small Pomsky?

The generation and the size of the Pomsky are not linked.

The size of your future Pomsky is not linked at all to its generation. 

Breeders talk about generation because the more we advance in generations, the more we advance in selection. However, it is impossible to tell by looking at a Pomsky whether it is a third or fourth generation.

The size of a Pomsky will be linked to the size of its parents, the worked lineage, weight at birth and one month, but not to the generation. An F2 Pomsky can be much smaller than an F4 Pomsky and vice versa.

So instead of looking for an F3 or F4 Pomsky if you want a very small Pomsky, you should ask for a toy Pomsky, which will be less than 30cm at the shoulder. 

What is the Size of a Pomsky?

The size of a Pomsky can vary greatly today and can range from 4 to 20kg. Therefore, it is important to know what size you want to avoid any surprises. 

The size of a Pomsky will depend on: 
1° The size of the parents 
2° The % of Husky and Spitz blood
3° The lineage 
4° The weight at birth and at 1 month

Pomskies are currently classified into 3 categories: 
The Pomsky Toy: This is the smallest, measuring between 20 and 30cm at the withers and weighing an average of 3 to 6kg.
The Miniature Pomsky: It measures on average between 31 and 40cm at the withers and weighs between 7 and 12kg.
The Standard Pomsky: This is the largest of the Pomskies, measuring between 40 and 45cm at the withers and weighing between 12 and 20kg. 

Therefore, be clear about the expected size and your breeder will be able to guide you on a litter and a puppy that meets your criteria.

Does the Pomsky get along well with children?

The Pomsky is a cross between a Husky and a Spitz. As a result, the Pomsky typically has a gentler, more playful, and affectionate personality than the Husky. It is a cheerful and gentle dog that usually gets along wonderfully with children. The Pomsky has a rather gentle approach with children and remains a lively little dog who will be delighted to play and share activities with both children and adults.

In any case, as with any puppy, if you want a dog that gets along well with children, it will be essential to verify that the breeder has done a good job of socializing the puppy and that the puppy is comfortable before it leaves. 

Can the Pomsky live in an apartment?

The Pomsky can certainly live in an apartment as long as the size of the Pomsky and the generation are chosen carefully.
However, it will be necessary to take your Pomsky out between 3 and 4 times a day and offer him physical activities outdoors so that he can let off steam and burn energy (agility, running, dog parks, forest walks, hiking, swimming, dog dancing.)
It is also important to work with your puppy on learning to be alone as the Pomsky likes to be surrounded by his human or other dogs. To do this, it is important to gradually increase the time alone and make the environment stimulating with occupation games.

Does the Pomsky need as much physical activity as the Husky?

The Pomsky is a small/medium-sized dog that is lively and full of energy, but he will not need to exercise as much as a Husky. On average, we recommend 3 to 4 outings per day, including at least a 30-minute outing for an adult Pomsky. Of course, this is an approximate recommendation, and the needs of a Pomsky will vary from individual to individual and will also depend on other activities that you propose throughout the day (learning, dog dancing, occupation games...).

Is the Pomsky less primitive than the Husky?

The Pomsky is generally less primitive than the Husky, thanks in particular to the contribution of Spitz blood. However, some Pomskies will retain very Husky-like character traits and may be inclined to hunt and have a weaker recall. Nevertheless, in the majority of cases, the Pomsky is an obedient dog with a good recall.

Is it better to choose a female or male Pomsky?

There is no major difference in behavior between male and female Pomskies. There may be differences in character traits among Pomskies from the same litter, but this is not related to their sex.
Additionally, within the same litter, it is not uncommon for some males to be smaller than females.
Regardless of gender, we strongly recommend sterilization before the age of 7 months to avoid any behavioral issues, marking, humping, and cancer.
It is worth noting that breeding and selling Pomskies is reserved for professionals with a SIRET number.

Thus, not being fixed on a gender leaves you with 50% more chances of falling in love with a Pomsky. 

Is the Pomsky a Robust Dog?

Yes, the Pomsky is a robust dog. It is a cross between a Husky and a Spitz and has not yet been subject to excessive human selection. This selection is what generates genetic defects in most cases.

The Pomsky is an endurance dog that will always be ready to follow you on your adventures. It can withstand both heat and cold and does not need to be trimmed.

We test all our Pomskies in our breeding program using the Embark laboratory. Embark tests guarantee our families that their dog is free of genetic defects and is a true Pomsky, meaning that its DNA only contains Husky and Spitz.

For our adult Pomskies, we never visit the vet for health problems.

According to various studies and posts we have read, the Pomsky has an average lifespan of 15 years. 

Why Should the Pomsky Be Tested with Embark?

The Embark test is essential for us to carry out before any reproduction.

The Embark test will test the dog for over 210 diseases. It will also identify the different breeds present in the Pomsky's DNA to certify that it only contains Husky and Spitz.

It will also allow us to know the degree of consanguinity, assess size, and provide us with information about the colors that the Pomsky carries.
It is therefore a true and indispensable working tool for any serious breeder who wishes to work with this newly created cross. 

Embark Dog DNA Test: Most Accurate & Highest Reviewed Dog DNA Test (embarkvet.com)

Does the Pomsky Bark?

Barking is very variable from one puppy to another. Some puppies will bark several times a day while others will never bark in their lifetime. 

The same goes for "howling like a wolf"; some puppies will know how to do it, while others will never do it. 

Depending on the litter, your breeder will be able to indicate if the parents bark and therefore if the puppies will also bark. 

In any case, the Pomsky's barking is far less frequent and bothersome than that of the Spitz. 

What is the price of a Pomsky?

The price of a Pomsky can vary greatly from one breeder to another. On average, prices in France range from €2000 to €7000. 

In our breeding, prices range from €3000 to €6000 on average. Different criteria will influence the price of a Pomsky. 

Firstly, the price will vary depending on the DNA of your Pomsky. A Pomsky must have DNA composed of Husky and Spitz, and a third breed in a percentage lower than 15%. 
If your Pomsky is a type with 4 or 5 breeds in its DNA, it will be sold at a lower price. 
Similarly, if your Pomsky is crossbred with a Husky or a Spitz, i.e. Fb or Fa generation, it will again be offered at a lower price than a Pomsky said to be 50/50.

The morphology and color of your Pomsky will also influence the selling price. A Pomsky with a Husky color and a flower on its coat will be offered at a higher price than an all-white or all-black Pomsky, for example. Blue eyes will also increase the selling price. 
Les yeux bleus vont également faire augmenter le prix de vente. 

The size of your future Pomsky will also influence the selling price. A Standard-sized dog will be more expensive than a Toy Pomsky. 

The lineage and origins of your Pomsky will also vary the price of the latter. A Pomsky from a prestigious lineage in the United States will be sold on average at a higher price than a Pomsky from two parents imported from Russia and sold without an Embark test. 

Finally, each breeder is free to set their prices, so it is important to research before buying a Pomsky.

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