Everything you need to know about weaning age!


The weaning age:

It is essential to ask yourself this question before acquiring a pet! This is a reflection to have because the psychological well-being of the kitten or puppy will be strongly impacted. before the age of 8 weeks, Legally, an animal cannot be sold or given away before the age of 8 weeks, and for many and wrongly so, this age corresponds to the weaning of the kitten or puppy, but this is a serious mistake. There are two phases in weaning:

- Nutritional weaning (0 to 8 weeks)

Psychosocial weaning (8 weeks to 13 weeks)

The weaning phases:

These two phases are essential to have a companion who is comfortable in its paws.

Nutritional weaning includes two phases, a first phase that lasts 4 weeks, during which the kitten will feed, sleep, and begin to observe and discover the world around it. Then comes the vicarious phase l, during which the kitten will observe its mother and begin to reproduce her actions and gestures: grooming, eating, going to the litter box, hunting...

It is around the age of 8 weeks that the psychosocial weaning phase will begin, during which the kitten/puppy will socialize and become socialized ; it will learn limits (of play, hunting, biting, fighting...) the rules of feline/canine behavior and how to behave with other species as well as humans.This learning period ends between 11 and 14 weeks. Generally, this mandatory "schooling" period is estimated to end at 13 weeks.

What you should know about weaning:

There are many more studies discussing the importance of weaning at 3 months for kittens than for puppies, where studies and writings are less common. In fact, many feline breeders send their charges off at 3 months, whereas for puppies, this remains an exception. Nevertheless, we may wonder why things would be different? In conclusion, it is essential that your future pet stays with its mother until the end of its socialization phase, and any breeder or association concerned about the well-being of their charges will take this last phase into account and tell you when your future companion will be ready to join your new home. An interesting article on kitten weaning: Kitten weaning: when is a kitten weaned? - Ooreka

An interesting article on kitten socialization: Kitten socialization (anipassion.com)

An interesting article on puppy weaning: Puppy weaning: how to wean? When and for how long? (josera.fr)

As you have seen, we attach great importance to weaning age, and you can find our adoption conditions via the following link: Pomsky Adoption Conditions | Royaume des Galopins

To love is to protect and think about them, so be patient!

Article written by Charlotte HAMEL

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