My dog is misbehaving!


It is a very human attitude to give human characteristics and feelings to your dog as if he behaves like us. A dog does not misbehave to provoke you. The dog is an opportunist who reacts to a trigger in order to achieve his goal!

Explanation of your dog's misbehavior


I open the door and find my dog ​​eating my shoe!

My reaction: He did something wrong, he's provoking me, he knows he's not supposed to touch my shoes!

In reality my dog ​​reacted to triggers: :

- The shoe lying around

- The fact that he is alone

- The fact that his teeth are growing

- The fact that it is almost time to eat

- The fact that he needs to expend energy

And he did this for a specific

- Attract your attention

- Play

- Relieve his tooth pain

- Keep himself occupied

It is important to keep in mind that if a behavior is emphasized, it is because he finds satisfaction in it and will repeat that behavior. Many owners fall into the pattern of reprimanding what they consider to be misbehavior, where ignoring the behavior would have a faster and more effective result.

If we reprimand a dog who just ate a shoe, chances are he will not understand why he is being reprimanded and his behavior will continue or even worsen because he will have to find a way to express his emotions and meet his needs. If you want to see a behavior disappear, you must first identify the triggers: why is my dog ​​doing this? To be able to eradicate them and / or offer him another way to achieve his goal.

Explanation: My dog ​​is nibbling on shoes! Trigger:My dog ​​saw my shoe in the middle of the living room

=> Store and delimit the environment in which your puppy will live as much as possible! It is essential for his safety and well-being to secure the environment and only leave within his reach what he is allowed to touch and nibble.

My dog ​​was alone

Teach him solitude gradually, first 5 minutes, then 10, then 15 and congratulate him at every reunion that should always be happy moments.

My dog ​​has tooth pain

Offer him a stimulating environment with intelligence games and toys he can chew on.

Need to expend energy

Take care of your dog! Stimulate him physically and intellectually. Introduce him to new things and make him expend energy.

In conclusion, it is very important to understand why your dog is behaving this way in order to eradicate the triggers and meet his needs.
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