Australian Shepherd
Mini and Toy

Australian shepherd
Mini and Toy!

There are indeed several sizes in the Australian Shepherd breed:
Standard, Mini and Toy

We will show you everything about this breed that is as fast as it is endearing and try to explain the differences between its three shepherds. The main difference between a standard Australian Shepherd, a Miniature American Shepherd, and a Toy Australian Shepherd is their size:

  • The Standard Australian Shepherd measures between 46 and 58cm at the withers, with a weight that often ranges from 19 to 34kg.
  • The Miniature Australian Shepherd, which is called the Miniature American Shepherd in France and the United States, measures between 33 and 47cm at the withers, with a weight that often ranges from 9 to 15kg.
  • The Toy Australian Shepherd is the smallest of the shepherds, measuring between 25 and 35cm at the withers and weighing on average between 5 and 8kg.

Who Am I, the Miniature Australian Shepherd?

One Word to Describe the Mini Australian!

The Miniature Australian Shepherd is now called the Miniature American Shepherd in France and the United States. It is an extremely sociable dog that loves the company of its human. It particularly enjoys spending time in their presence and needs to have them within sight to feel secure. This intelligent dog also requires mental and physical exercise to feel fulfilled.

When properly socialized, the Miniature Australian Shepherd is an ideal companion for families with children and other domestic animals, regardless of their size or species. 

A Working Dog

The Miniature Australian Shepherd remains a working dog, just like the standard Australian Shepherd, whose primary purpose was to guard flocks of goats and sheep.

Historically, to exercise this practice, most Australian Shepherds had their tails docked.

The Miniature Australian Shepherd loves to learn and needs to be exercised every day. 
They need a family that is available and attentive to their needs. Despite their small size, they are active and full of energy. 

le Berger américain miniature une race lof

In France, it was not until 2014 that the Miniature American Shepherd was recognized by the French Kennel Club and given access to the LOF.

Since September 4, 2019, the breed has been recognized by the FCI (International Canine Federation).

This recognition as a breed allows for strict morphological criteria to be defined and for a breed standard to be established. All LOF Australian Shepherds meet the same weight, size, and morphology criteria. 

Berger Australien Mini et Toy

Why Choose a Miniature or Toy Australian Shepherd?

L'objectif du berger australien miniature & Toy

  • Reduce the size of the Australian Shepherd
  • Maintain the morphology of the Australian Shepherd
  • Maintain the character of the Australian Shepherd
  • Indeed, whether it's a toy or miniature Australian Shepherd, it doesn't come from crossbreeding different breeds but rather from a careful selection of the smallest Australian Shepherds over several years. As a result, their temperament and morphology should be similar to their standard Australian Shepherd counterparts.

    The Origins

    The history of the Miniature Australian Shepherd and that of the standard Australian Shepherd are closely linked because the creation of the former is the result of the latter's size reduction.

    In 1968, Doris Cordova of Norco, California, began breeding a smaller version of the Australian Shepherd.

    It wasn't until the mid-1970s that the Miniature Australian Shepherd reached the desired size and morphology.

    In 1990, the Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of the USA (MASCUSA) was created. That same year, the AKC recognized the Australian Shepherd as a breed.

    In 1993, the Miniature Australian Shepherd was no longer allowed to participate in the AKC because it was too similar to the Australian Shepherd. The AKC then requested that MASCUSA change its name from Miniature Australian Shepherd Club to the North American Miniature Australian Shepherd Club. This name change also led to a split between the Miniature Australian Shepherd and the Miniature American Shepherd.

    In 2011, MASCUSA became the parent club of the new Miniature American Shepherd breed, and in 2012, the American Shepherd was admitted to the AKC Foundation.
    On January 1, 2015, the United Kennel Club recognized the American Shepherd as a breed, and on July 1, 2015, it was the AKC's turn.

    To learn more about the breed: Miniature American Shepherd Dog Breed Information (

    The Character of the Miniature & Toy Australian Shepherd

    They Will Become Your Shadow:

    Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds are clingy dogs. They love their human and their favorite pastime is to follow them around all day! They are also sensitive dogs that need attention and sports activities.

    They are constantly seeking attention and will most of the time be glued to you. 

    A miniature and toy Australian Shepherd may develop behavioral problems if its needs are not fully met. Despite its small size, its needs are similar to those of a full-size Australian Shepherd. 

    It's behaviour

    The miniature Australian Shepherd loves to learn and needs to be occupied both mentally and physically.

    Some of the activities they might enjoy:

    • Obedience training 
    • Dog Dancing
    • Agility
    • Paddle
    • Troupeautage

    This dog can join you in all your sports activities, such as hiking, cycling, swimming, and running.
    This creates opportunities to share moments of complicity and create beautiful memories together!

    Education et cadre de Vie du berger australien miniature & toy

    These are dogs that can live both in a house and in an apartment as long as their needs are respected. 

    They will in any case need a great presence and planned and thought-out activities for them during your absences: Frozen Kong, Snuffle Mat, Chew Bones....

    First and foremost, they are a gentle dog that loves both adults and children and will make you smile with their energy and good humor. 

    However, they can quickly become fearful and bark excessively if they do not receive good socialization. There are mainly 3 events that will influence their character:

    • The character of their parents
    • The socialization done between 0 and 2 months at the breeder's
    • The socialization within their new home

    The establishment of intelligent, positive, but rigorous training is therefore essential in order to have an easy-to-live-with dog. The Australian Shepherd remains a dog with a strong sensitivity, so it will be necessary to take the time to reassure and channel them.

    Note that any bad experience or unknown event between these 0 and 3 months will subsequently need to be the subject of desensitization work. It is therefore important to introduce your puppy to different experiences and events in order to develop their comfort and adaptability.

    It is therefore important to research and choose your breeder carefully in order to have a puppy that is as beautiful as it is well-behaved.

    I am sharing an article on how to choose your breeder: How to Choose Your Breeder? – Royaume Des Galopins"

    Our Mini Australian Shepherd Breeding

    Dog Breeds

    We only breed two dog breeds, the Pomsky and the Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherd. 
    These are two dog breeds that adapt perfectly to apartment living and city life. 

    The miniature Australian Shepherd and the Pomsky get along wonderfully! We spend our days watching them play and frolic together! 

    Our big outings in the middle of fields are also an opportunity for them to discover new smells and work on recall.  

    The Life of Our Pups

    All of our breeding dogs are sociable and fulfilled. We offer them physical and mental activities throughout the year with a canine behaviorist who is present 5 days a week at the breeding facility. They can thus enjoy a family life like any dog. They are never locked in kennels and they participate in our family life.

    We attach great importance to the socialization of our puppies. From the first days of life, we involve them in an early stimulation and development program, which you can learn more about via the following link: Early neurological stimulation / Bio Sensor - ELEVAGE D AUSTRAL ET BOREAL | LOF Australian Shepherd puppies available | LOF Jack Russel puppies available | Allier and Puy de Dome | Paris region (Ile de France) (   .

    As they grow, we introduce them to different textures, sounds, other dog breeds, other animals... The goal is to socialize them as much as possible and to offer you balanced and healthy puppies. 

    Strong and Healthy!

    All of our puppies leave vaccinated, identified, dewormed, with a certificate of good health, a puppy kit, a welcome guide, and a 2-month insurance policy with Santévet. All of our breeding dogs are tested for breed-related defects and are monitored by a health veterinarian to ensure their good health.

    Australian Shepherd Mini

    Your Future Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherd

    Your Choice

    Our goal is to offer you beautiful puppies that meet your criteria in terms of size, temperament, and good health.

    Each of our adopters provides us with their criteria and tells us about their lifestyle so that we can best meet their expectations.

    At our breeding facility, the choice of your puppy is not made based on a photo but during a physical meeting at five weeks of age. We want you to be able to interact with the dog who will share your life for nearly 20 years!

    Our Commitment

    We guide and assist our families in the education of their Miniature or Toy Australian Shepherd and even offer weekly support in the first few months to help you acquire skills such as:

    • The recall
    • Cleanliness
    • Learning to be alone
    • Walking on a leash
    • Managing biting
    • And much more

    This support is included in the price of the puppy. 

    A Wide Variety of Colors!

    Over 16 Possible Combinations!

    There are two basic colors in the Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherd breed: black and red.

    The merle color is genetically one or the other, but the addition of a "Merle" gene changes the appearance of the coat.
    Each coat can then have spots of white and/or tan.

    Thus, each coat can be:
    Solid: without any white or tan spots
    Bicolor: with either white or tan
    Tricolor: with both white and tan.

    If you do the math, you arrive at over 16 possible combinations!

    Invasive White

    The Miniature Australian Shepherd breed standard requires that white does not become a predominant color for aesthetic reasons but especially for health reasons.

    • White should not be dominant on the nose.
    • The chest can be white
    • A white blaze can run along the ridge up to the skull.
    • A total or partial white collar is allowed

    It is not mandatory, however, to respect the standard that the eyes and ears be in the color.
    No white spots are allowed on the dog's body.

    A dog that does not comply with the above rules and has too much white is called invasive white.
    An invasive white puppy is not necessarily the result of a double merle mating and can appear in other matings.

    As a reminder, double merle mating is completely prohibited. A puppy with two merle parents has a high probability of being homozygous merle and therefore may develop certain pathologies such as deafness or eye problems, up to the loss of vision.

    Black Tricolor
    The dominant color here is black, which may be more or less shiny. It can be decorated with more or less white and tan, ranging from black bicolour to black tricolor.
    Red Tricolor
    The red color can have different shades. The base color is brown, but it can vary from dark brown to light chocolate, and can even include a cream/sand color that is not recognized in the breed standard. Like black, its name varies from red tricolor with white and tan to red bicolour with additional white or tan.
    Blue Merle
    Blue merle is a dilution of black. The coat then includes several black spots of varying sizes. Like other colors, it can also have white and tan. An Australian Shepherd can be blue merle bicolour or blue merle tricolor.
    Red Merle
    Just like blue merle is the dilution of black, red merle is the dilution of red. The coat can also have tan or white spots, or both. Your dog will therefore be red merle bicolour or red merle tricolor.
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