Family Pomsky Breeder in France: Pomsky Breeding | Royaume Des Galopins I will try to help you choose and get to know the different Pomsky breeders.

There are about twenty breeders in France, more or less big, more or less known! Choosing a good breeder is essential to have a healthy, well-socialized, and pretty puppy.

Pomsky poils court yeux bleu

Pomsky Dog – Everything You Need to Know About Pomskies (thehappypuppysite.com)

Before referencing the different breeders, here are some of our recommendations:

Small-scale Pomsky breeders

Indeed, it is important to choose a breeder with few breeders and not engaged in intensive breeding. Specifically, a breeder with fewer than 10 dogs, making one litter per year to their female dogs. It is important to visit the breeding site of your future puppy to see the environment in which it grows. In addition, it is also useful to inquire about the breeders and their socialization.

In addition, you can read our commitments via the following link: About us | Royaume Des Galopins

Pomsky breeders who allocate time for socialization

The first three months of a puppy are very important for its socialization and will be decisive in the relationship you will have with it. There are even early olfactory stimulations that are practiced from the first years of the puppy's life. We share an interesting article on puppy socialization: Awakening | puppy socialization | puppy socialization | canine breeding | Australian shepherd | jack russell – ELEVAGE D AUSTRAL ET BOREAL | LOF Australian Shepherd puppies available | LOF Jack Russel puppies available | Allier and Puy de dome | Paris region (ile de france) (elevage-bergeraustralien-jackrussell.com)

Building a relationship of trust with your breeder

You will commit to 15 years with moments of joy, happiness, and other moments that will be more complicated. It is therefore essential to have a good relationship with your breeder to be able to ask them questions and share your doubts. There are more and more Pomsky breeders, so take the time to select yours!

- A breeder who shares your values and conditions

Ask yourself if you want to be on a waiting list or not? If a sterilization clause suits you or not?

If the health tests carried out on the breeders are important?

Make a list of what is important to you and find the breeder who ticks these different boxes.


And now, here is the list of Pomsky breeders:


Please note that this is a list that we wanted to be exhaustive. Therefore, you will need to check for each of the Pomsky breeders the elements mentioned above and form your own opinion.
The Breed Club can also help you in your selection: Home 1 – European Pomsky Club (euro-pomsky.club)

– Celtik Pomsky : Celtik Pomsky | Facebook

– Elevage du Bocage : (1) Elevage du Bocage – Pomsky et Pomchi de Normandie | Facebook

– La Tanière du tout petit France : Pomsky Pomskies La Tanière du Tout Petit France | FacebookAccueil – La Tanière du Tout Petit (latanieredutoutpetit.com)

– L’envol Pomsky : (1) L’Envol Pomsky | Facebook

– Les Petits Loups de mer : Elevage Pomsky Les Petits Loups de Mer | Facebook

Elevage de Pomsky « Les Petits Loups de Mer » (e-monsite.com)

– Lovely Pomsky France : Elevage Lovely Pomsky France | FacebookPREMIER ELEVAGE DE POMSKY FAMILIAL EN FRANCE – ELEVAGE LOVELY POMSKY FRANCE (elevage-lovely-pomsky-france.fr)

– L’orée des Moonskys : Pomsky L’Orée des Moonskys | FacebookElevage Pomsky L’Orée des Moonskys – Éleveur de chiens – Pomsky France (business.site)

– Pomsky France Pomsky : (1) Elevage du Bocage – Pomsky et Pomchi de Normandie | Facebook

– Pomsky Landes France : (1) Elevage Pomsky Landes France | FacebookÉlevage de pomsky en France, Pomskylandes ! La référence du Pomsky !

– Elevage Merle aux yeux bleus : Elevage Pomsky Merle yeux bleu | FacebookElevage Pomsky Merle yeux bleu, aeroport, Caen (2020) (voofla.com)

– Pomsky Forever : pomsky forever | Facebook

– Pomsky : Pomsky | Facebook

- Pomsky: (1) Elevage de Pomsky et de Spitz nains – Pomeranian | Facebook

– Royale Pomsky : 🐺ELEVAGE DE POMSKY – Royal POMSKY 👑 Elevage de Pomsky – Réservation de chiens Pomsky – Royal Pomsky

– Royaume des Galopins : Pomsky – Elevage des Petits Galopins | FacebookPomsky Breeding | Royaume Des Galopins

If your name is not on the list above, please do not hesitate to contact us, specifying the name of your breeding operation, website, Facebook page, and SIREN number.

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