Pomsky breeding in France: How to choose your breeder?


Breeding Pomskies in France must meet certain obligations. The Pomsky is a crossbreed between a Husky and a Spitz, which are two breeds known for decades.
The Pomsky's DNA should not show any other breeds besides the Husky and the Spitz. Some breed clubs accept the presence of another breed, such as the Malamute and Samoyed, up to 15%.

The objective of this crossbreeding is to obtain a small-sized dog suitable for urban and family life. The Pomsky has been developed for over 10 years in the United States and more recently in Europe, Russia, and Thailand, for example.

The Pomsky is a non-recognized breed, therefore it has no legal value. Only professionals with a SIREN number are authorized to sell a Pomsky. This regulation aims to protect individuals from many scams, as no recourse will be possible for the purchase of a "fake" Pomsky.

The importance of buying from a professional Pomsky breeder:

As mentioned earlier, it is strictly forbidden for an individual to sell a non-recognized breed like the Pomsky.

An individual is prohibited from selling a non-recognized breed, regardless of the crossbreed. Anyone selling a non-recognized breed without a valid SIREN number is subject to a penalty of 7500 euros per dog sold.
An individual has the right to sell one litter per year that is recognized by the French Kennel Club (LOF), and must declare the income received, which is subject to income tax as non-commercial profits.

An individual selling one LOF-recognized litter per year is subject to the same legal obligations as a professional breeder. I suggest consulting the following link if you want to learn more about the legal obligations when selling a litter of puppies:

Un particulier peut-il donner ou vendre des chiens et des chats ? | Service-public.fr

A Pomsky breeder must therefore have a SIREN number but also have the ACACED certification.

The ACACED is a mandatory certification for any professional or volunteer working in the field of animal care. This training provides the necessary skills to meet the needs of domestic animals.
I am attaching the following link for more information about ACACED: Description of the training - acaced.fr

Your Pomsky breeding must also have facilities that meet the standards. Many breeders advocate for "home breeding," where the female dog gives birth in the bathroom, and the puppies grow up in different rooms of the house. However, this practice is illegal. A breeding with more than 9 dogs over 4 months of age must have facilities that meet the standards and meet the needs of the dogs. I am attaching a link for more information about the infrastructure requirements for dog and cat breeding: Breeding of dogs and cats | Service-public.fr
Please note that having professional facilities does not mean that your puppy will not be socialized. On the contrary, it mainly guarantees that the dog has grown up in a healthy environment, surrounded by trained people, without questioning the love and time given to them.
In fact, having facilities that meet the standards is very costly and complicated in terms of procedures (building permits, declaration to the town hall, compliance with fire regulations, public reception, etc.). Therefore, it is rare to find breeders with compliant facilities in France, and advocating for home breeding makes it easier for everyone.

All these regulations aim to protect the animal and the buyer, to prevent animal trafficking and animal cruelty. When you buy a Pomsky, it is important to verify that you are dealing with a professional. A simple search on société.com will confirm this: ROYAUME DES GALOPINS (BEAUMONT-DU-GATINAIS) Turnover, results, balance sheets on SOCIETE.COM

The importance of the Embark test in Pomsky breeding

Since the Pomsky is a crossbreed and not recognized by the French Kennel Club (LOF), it has no legal value or existence. Therefore, if you sign up for a Pomsky without verifying its parentage, you may encounter difficulties or even impossibilities in case of fraud.

The only way to verify that you are buying a "true" Pomsky, meaning a crossbreed between a Husky and a Spitz, is through the Embark test: Embark Dog DNA Test: Embark Dog DNA Test: Most Accurate & Highest Reviewed Dog DNA Test (embarkvet.com)

Embark is a DNA test that every breeder must perform on all of their breeding dogs. The test costs around a hundred euros, so why not perform it and play the transparency game if the dogs are true Pomskies.

Here's how the Embark test works: it provides the percentage of Husky and Spitz DNA. It also highlights the presence of other breeds, if any, allowing you to detect if your future puppy is a true Pomsky. As an individual, you can easily perform an Embark test on your dog to find out if you have purchased a "true" Pomsky.

The Embark test guarantees that you will have a true Pomsky, as well as a dog free of genetic diseases. Embark searches for over 230 genetic diseases in the tested dog to ensure that it is healthy. Just because it is a crossbreed does not mean that its health should be neglected or forgotten. Like pedigree dogs, Pomskies should also be tested.

A Pomsky breeder should provide you with the test results of the parents of your puppies at the time of reservation. Be sure to have the tests before paying a deposit or verify that it is clearly stated in writing that you will receive them. It is easy to claim that the dogs are tested without ever providing these famous tests.

The importance of choosing the right crossbreeding

A Pomsky is a first-generation crossbreed between a Husky and a miniature Spitz. Here is the link to our article on generations and Pomskies: Pomsky Generation F1, F2, F2B, can someone explain? (royaumedesgalopins.fr)

Normally, within a Pomsky breeding program, we aim for 50/50 crossbreeding, which is the perfect mix of Husky and Spitz.

Crossbreeding Pomskies with a Husky or a Spitz has no interest to me...
If you want to have more than 75% Husky blood, why not get a purebred Husky instead? The same question applies to Pomsky-Spitz crosses. If you want to have more than 75% Spitz blood, why not get a purebred Spitz instead? The debate is open and everyone can make their own choice, but it is important to ask yourself these questions.

I understand the convenience and lower cost of Husky * Pomsky and Spitz * Pomsky crosses, but in my opinion, it does not contribute to the advancement and creation of a new breed, the Pomsky. The goal is to achieve a beautiful mix with a stable temperament.

Similarly, in my opinion, first and second-generation crosses are no longer of interest. The Pomsky has been developed and has existed for over 15 years in the United States. There have been beautiful and stable Pomskies for several years now, so why go back to the first Husky-Spitz cross? The goal is to progress in the selection process in order to achieve breed recognition someday, and this can only be done after several generations and years of selection.

L’élevage de Pomsky et le choix des lignées

Today, there is a wide variety of Pomsky in terms of morphology, size, and price. Buyers are often looking for a good deal and are happy to find a Pomsky for 1000 euros. Remember, as mentioned earlier, that the term Pomsky can be used for any crossbreed because it has no regulation or legal value. There is not even an official Pomsky standard.

So, it's normal that a crossbreed of a Husky bought on leboncoin with a Pomsky offered for mating at 500 euros is not offered to you at the same price as a crossbreed between two Embark-tested Pomskies, free of genetic diseases, from advanced generations (meaning Pomskies since great-grandparents), imported from the United States, from a breeding farm that meets standards, subject to VAT... In short, you need to compare apples to apples and not two puppies simply called "Pomsky" due to lack of regulation and control.

When it comes to lineage, the origin of the parents will also play a role. It goes without saying that a Pomsky with American lineage will cost more than a Pomsky with Russian lineage. On average, you can expect to pay between 2500 and 4000 euros for a Pomsky from Russia, plus 650 euros for transport. Whereas to import a Pomsky from the United States, you can expect to pay on average between 5000 and 8000 euros, plus 2000 euros for transport. Once again, each breeder is free to make their selection. It's also worth noting that for several months, the import of dogs from Russia has been banned due to sanctions from the European Union, although passage is still possible... It's up to each person to make their choice.

Furthermore, a puppy is always (or almost always) cute. So, it's normal for you to be charmed by any Pomsky puppy. However, it's difficult to find adult Pomskies that are visually appealing, with a good ear set, a square muzzle, a balanced body neither too long nor too short, in short, a beautiful adult Pomsky. Therefore, it's important to ask for photos of the parents and even meet the parents of your future puppy. This way, you'll have an idea of the morphology, size, and temperament of your puppy's parents.

It's important to compare apples to apples and not jump to conclusions too quickly thinking you've found a good deal!

Selling at any cost!

We are seeing more and more breeders posting Pomsky puppies that are barely two days old on leboncoin. Indeed, the Pomsky is a trendy dog... But it deserves to be selected based on its temperament, just like other breeds, and not just based on its blue eyes and beautiful markings.

The only interest of a breeder selling puppies that are barely born is to ensure that they will be sold. In no case does the breeder think about the well-being and development of the puppies in your home, as they don't have the ability to know what their temperament, needs, and size will be...

In my opinion, meeting your puppy and your breeder should remain a priority for both you and us. It's a moment of exchange that allows you to be sure of your commitment and also allows you to see in what conditions your future puppy is growing up.

We are seeing an increasing number of families with no prior experience with dogs who are interested in getting a Pomsky. It is important to remember that the Pomsky is a crossbreed between a Husky and a Spitz, with specific physical and intellectual needs. It is not a teddy bear that comes house-trained and can be left alone for 9 hours in an apartment without causing any damage. A dog or a puppy that causes damage is a sign that it is not sufficiently stimulated and its basic needs are not being met.
While the Pomsky may be trendy and cute, it is still a commitment for 15 years and has many needs.

Furthermore, the prices of Pomskies can vary greatly, and each breeder is free to set a price they deem fair based on their selection work, tests performed, bloodlines, size, etc. It is also your responsibility to determine how much you are willing to pay for a Pomsky and what important factors to check before making a purchase. Currently, prices in France range from around 1000 to 7000 euros!

In conclusion

Just like with all dogs, but even more so with a "trendy" dog, although I dislike that term, it is important to take the time to research thoroughly.
Owning a dog is a commitment for 15 years, and if there are any health or behavioral issues, you will be responsible for them for 15 years.

A Pomsky breeder should be a professional with a SIREN number, and they should test their breeding dogs for DNA and diseases, as Pomskies are non-recognized by the French Kennel Club. Your breeder should be transparent about the dog you are purchasing.

A Pomsky is not just any random crossbreed. It should be a well-thought-out and sensible crossbreed, not just a mix designed to have the label "Pomsky" and sell for a higher price. Currently, a "fake" Pomsky without proper testing can cost more than some purebred dogs with pedigree. So, paying 2500 euros for a dog without proper testing is not a good deal and not cheap. It may be better to consider a beautiful Australian Shepherd, Husky, Japanese Spitz, or Alaskan Klee Kai with pedigree.

Lastly, remember that the Pomsky is a dog, not just a trendy stuffed toy. It has needs like any other dog, and owning a dog is a responsibility for 15 years!

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