The coat colors, fur types, and various masks in Pomskies.

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There is a wide variety of coat colors in Pomskies, as well as different fur lengths and masks, creating unique physical characteristics for each Pomsky companion.

In this article, we will showcase the different coat colors in Pomskies, and we are certain that one of them will capture your heart.

Firstly, before presenting the range of possible coat variations in Pomskies, let me introduce the different types of markings. Indeed, Pomskies often have a pattern on their heads called a mask. This mask is what adds charm to the Pomsky and undeniably resembles the mask found in Huskies.

Different masks in Pomskies:

There is a wide variety of masks in Pomskies, and each pattern is unique, allowing you to find your favorite.

The Fleur-de-Lis mask

This is the marking found on the head of the Pomsky, which undeniably resembles a beautiful Fleur-de-Lis.

The Bandit Mask

This mask is characterized by two small lines at the corner of the eyes.

The Open Mask

The Open Mask in Pomskies is represented by a wide white stripe between the two eyes. This sometimes gives them a softer and less severe appearance. This mask is also found in Huskies, just like the two previous ones.

Solid Colors

Finally, some Pomskies may not have a mask. They will have a solid color instead. They can be entirely chocolate, agouti, black... In the photo, an example of an agouti Pomsky.

Coat Colors in Pomskies

There is a wide variety of coat colors in Pomskies, some directly inherited from Huskies and others from Spitz. We will present you with this broad range of colors.

Black and White Pomsky

This is the classic color, timeless and always appealing—the Black & White Pomsky. It resembles the traditional coat of a Husky. It is also the most common color that many breeders work with.

Black and White Pomsky:

Black and White Husky

Gray and White Pomsky

This is also a very popular color. It is similar to the black and white color, but with gray instead!

Chocolate and White Pomsky:

It is a very beautiful coat that also comes from the Husky. It is a lesser-known and rarer variant compared to the black and white Pomsky, but nowadays, we are finding more and more stunning Pomskies with this coloration.

Pomsky Pinto :

Pinto is a slightly less known color, yet it is indeed a coat color of the Husky. It is a white coat with varying black patches. Pinto coats are all unique due to their markings and spots. This coat will surely remind you of that of another animal! 


White Pomsky 

The white-colored Pomsky is a completely white Pomsky with often blue eyes. White color is also present in Huskies.

Agouti Color

Among the coat colors of the Pomsky, we find a beautiful color that resembles that of wolves, called agouti color. Agouti is a color also present in Huskies.

Diluted Blue or Lilac Color

 Blue and Lilac are very rare colors known as diluted colors. To have a diluted color puppy, both parents must carry the dilution gene.
Blue is the dilution of black, while lilac is the dilution of chocolate.
Blue and Lilac colors are referred to as exotic colors.
They are the most expensive and highly sought-after coats worldwide.

I have attached an interesting article about Blue Pomskies: Pomsky Blog (

Blue-colored Pomsky

Lilac-colored Pomsky

Red color, also known as fox color.

This is a color that resembles that of a fox and can vary from light to dark reddish-brown. This color does not exist in Huskies, hence the name "fox-like" coat.


Merle-colored Pomsky:

Merle is a color that comes from the Spitz. It is a highly sought-after color that offers a blend of several colors. Merle is present in other dog breeds such as the Australian Shepherd, French Bulldog, and Spitz.

Coat Lengths in Pomskies:

As you can see in the photos, Pomskies can have different coat lengths:

  • Short coat, similar to that of a Husky, called Standard coat
  • Medium-length coat, called Fluffy
  • Long coat, called Wooly

If you would like to learn more about Pomsky grooming, I have included an interesting article on the topic: How to maintain the coat of your Pomsky / American Shepherd? (

Eye Colors:

Pomskies can have different eye colors:

  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Heterochromia: One blue eye and one brown eye.
  • Parti-color: Mix of blue and brown within the same eye.

Currently, the most sought-after eye color is blue, although an increasing number of adopters are no longer solely basing their choice on this aesthetic criterion.  

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