What is an F3 Pomsky?

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I am often asked about F3 Pomskies. What is the size of a third-generation Pomsky at adult age? How do you obtain a third-generation Pomsky?

Pomsky Fluffy blue eyes
Pomsky Fluffy blue eyes

The question about generations is one of the most common inquiries we receive. It's important to know that there are several generations of Pomskies, ranging from first-generation (F1) to fifth-generation (F5).

It's such a common question that we have decided to write multiple articles about generations to help you better understand and confidently choose your Pomsky.

F3 Pomskies are currently intriguing and fascinating many prospective owners in France due to their rarity, and because many breeders have led people to believe that they are smaller than their F1 and F2 cousins! While fourth and fifth-generation Pomskies are not yet common in France, third-generation Pomskies are becoming more popular, hence the numerous inquiries.

So what is a third-generation Pomsky?

An F3 Pomsky can come from different scenarios, which we will detail here:

  • The first case: an F3 Pomsky born from two parents who are F2 Pomskies.
  • The second case: One of the parents is an F2 Pomsky, and the other is an F4 or F5 Pomsky.  

In order to have a third-generation Pomsky, you must be in one of these two scenarios.

You can refer to the generation table via the following link: What is an F3 Pomsky – F3 Pomsky Facts and Full Grown Size (pomskyownersassociation.com)

Is the F3 Pomsky the smallest Pomsky?

The adult size of a Pomsky varies depending on several factors.

The generation does not guarantee the size of your Pomsky at adult age.
A third-generation Pomsky is not necessarily the smallest, and may not be smaller than an F1 Pomsky.

The adult size of a Pomsky depends on the size of the parents and the lineage that the breeder is working with.  

As the Pomsky is a young breed, no breeder can guarantee the size of a Pomsky puppy at adult age. However, they can provide an approximation of the adult weight based on the puppy's weight at a certain point in time, previous litters, and their experience.

It's worth noting that two puppies from the same litter with the same weight at 8 weeks can evolve very differently and have several kilograms of difference. It's not uncommon for puppies of the same sex and from the same parents to have weight variations of 2 to 8 kg within the same litter! That's the magic of the Pomsky!

If you are looking for a small Pomsky, choose a trusted breeder who can guide you to the right litter!

To learn more about the different generations, you can refer to our other blog article: Pomsky Generation F1, F2, F2B, can someone explain? (royaumedesgalopins.fr)

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