Pomsky for sale in Paris

Pomsky puppy

Le Royaume des Galopins is a breeding farm located 1 hour from Paris. We offer Pomsky for sale throughout the year. So now it's possible to find Pomsky for sale near Paris.

We started with Pomsky a year ago, passionate about Huskies, we were charmed by the Pomsky, which is a mini Husky with a gentle character.

There are few Pomsky for sale around Paris and even more broadly in France. In fact, the Pomsky is a very young crossbreed created in the 2000s in the United States.
The goal of this crossbreeding is to obtain a dog with a gentle character, resembling a Husky with a fluffy coat.

The first-generation Pomsky is the result of a crossbreeding between a Husky and a Spitz. The second and third generations are derived from a marriage between two Pomskies. Generations A and B are the result of crossbreeding between Pomsky and Spitz for generation A, and Pomsky and Husky for generation B.
To learn more about Pomskies and generations: Pomsky Generation F1, F2, F2B, can someone explain? (royaumedesgalopins.fr)

Within our breeding farm, we mainly work with second, third, and fourth-generation Pomskies as we achieve stability in terms of temperament, weight, and morphology.

The prices of a Pomsky vary greatly from one breeder to another, and this is perfectly normal. Several parameters come into play.

  • The living environment of the Pomsky

In what environment do the parents and your future puppy live?
It is certain that a puppy kept in a kennel for two months will cost less in terms of time and energy for a breeder than a puppy with physical and mental activities such as outings, toys, walks, etc.
The same goes for adult breeding dogs, a dog that never leaves its kennel and is fed low-quality food will cost a lot less for a breeder than a dog that does agility, goes for walks, swims, and has facilities that meet standards.

  • Breeding lines

A breeder who carefully imports from the United States, works with rare colors, lines with genetic tests and good health, will inevitably have spent more on the purchase of their breeding dogs than a breeder who bought puppies cheaply on Leboncoin without knowing the lines or their health.

  • Investment of the breeder

The time that the breeder spends sending you photos, videos, giving you advice, tips, before and after adoption.

  • Number of dogs and breeds bred 
  • Health tests performed

All these parameters should be taken into account when the price of a puppy is indicated. Even if you want to find a Pomsky for sale in Paris, it is sometimes better to travel a bit to find your lifelong companion.
Feel free to contact the French Pomsky Club for any information: Here is the link to the Pomsky Club France: CLUB OFFICIEL DU POMSKY EN FRANCE (clubpomskyfrance.fr)

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