Is a Pomsky in Paris a good idea?

Pomsky Paris

Le Royaume Des Galopins is a Pomsky breeding located in Île-de-France. As a result, we are increasingly contacted by Parisian families asking us if having a Pomsky in Paris is a good idea.

First of all, it's important to know that the Pomsky is a crossbreed between a Husky and a Pomeranian. The Pomsky is therefore considered a primitive breed with a stronger and more developed instinct compared to other breeds. However, the purpose of this crossbreeding is to reduce the size of the Husky and also obtain a softer and more malleable temperament.

A Pomsky in Paris? Yes, but of small size!

There is a wide variety of Pomsky in terms of coat and size. But if you want to have a Pomsky in Paris in an apartment, we recommend choosing a Pomsky of small size.

Indeed, Pomskies can range from 45 to 25 cm (18kg to 3kg), which can be explained by the fact that Huskies and Pomeranians are two dogs with very different sizes. Moreover, within these two breeds, there is also a variety of weights and sizes. There are Mini Huskies weighing 8kg and Standard Huskies weighing 15kg, as well as Pomeranians weighing 2kg and others weighing 5kg.

Pomsky breeders are free to make their own selection based on the size they want to work with.

We can now confirm that the generation of the Pomsky does not necessarily have a direct link to its size. The F1 generation is not necessarily the largest, and the F4 Pomskies are not necessarily the smallest. It all depends on the bloodlines and the selection work done by the breeders.

Most breed clubs and breeders categorize Pomskies into three main categories:

  • Micro Pomsky: 4 to 6kg and less than 36cm at the withers.
  • Small Pomsky: 6kg to 9kg and less than 40cm at the withers.
  • Standard Pomsky: 9kg and above and over 41cm at the withers.

If you want to have a Pomsky in Paris in a small apartment, we recommend considering a Micro to Small Pomsky.

A malleable character like a big teddy bear!

Again, it is difficult to make generalizations about the temperament of the Pomsky, as the temperament of the parents and the socialization done by the breeder will strongly influence the character of your future puppy.

Just like there are timid, escape-prone, and primitive Huskies, others live very well in apartments and are very affectionate and clingy with their humans. It is therefore important to choose a breeder who has made a selection for Huskies and Pomskies with a gentle temperament.

Overall, the Pomsky is a cheerful, tender, affectionate, active, and slightly stubborn and mischievous dog. In my opinion, a Pomsky can live perfectly fine in an apartment if provided with regular outings and mental stimulation.

The most important thing for a Pomsky is not necessarily long walks and physical activity, but rather the presence of its human. A Pomsky that is left alone most of the time could develop behavioral issues such as house soiling and destruction.

In conclusion:

It is definitely possible to have a Pomsky in Paris, as long as you choose a small-sized Pomsky with a gentle and cheerful temperament, and provide them with enough physical and mental activity to allow them to thrive.
The Pomsky is a dog that requires interaction and presence.

To learn more about the Pomsky and our adoption conditions: Pomsky Adoption Conditions | Royaume des Galopins
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