Pomsky Origins Unveiled

Pomsky Grey and White

The Pomsky is a very recent crossbreed, commonly known as a Design Dog, in the United States. What is certain about the history of the Pomsky is that this breed was not created naturally or accidentally. Humans intentionally created this breed around the year 2011.

The name Pomsky, a mix of Husky and Pomeranian, gradually appeared on forums in the USA without anyone being sure about the exact crossbreeding or whether their dog was truly a Pomsky, or even how these dogs could be created... So, myth or reality?

The real trigger that brought attention to this breed was Buzzfeed's editor-in-chief, Peggy Wang, who wrote an article about this mix between a Pomeranian Spitz and a Husky, "The cutest Designer Dog of all time." By publishing her article, Peggy marked a true turning point in the history of the Pomsky and made it known to everyone!

The popularity of the Pomsky continued to grow, and a renowned breeder, Teressa Peterson, became interested in this crossbreed and sought to breed this new breed. She conducted numerous genetic research and explored the possibilities associated with this new breed. She got in touch with Tabetha Ruhstorfer, who owned a female Siberian Husky at the time. They artificially inseminated this Husky, and two months later, the first litter of Pomskies was registered. This litter was a great success, so they decided to focus and fully embark on breeding Pomskies.

Year after year, the Pomsky becomes more and more popular, and we doubt that this will change anytime soon.
Many breeders also fall in love with this breed, which is adorable to raise and see evolve on a daily basis. However, it's important to remember that this breed is an artificial crossbreed created by humans, so it's essential to prioritize the health of the puppies and not introduce health biases into this new crossbreeding.

As Pomskies are currently sold at a high price, it's also crucial to choose and prioritize ethical breeders who work with love.

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