Pomsky: The Rising Star of Pet Trends!

Pomsky F4 generation


Pomsky F4 generation

The Pomsky originated 20 years ago in the USA, as a result of humans wanting to crossbreed two completely opposite primitive dog breeds! On one hand, a Toy dog weighing a few kilos, more fond of cuddling in arms than going for long walks, barking, and being clingy. On the other hand, a larger dog weighing around twenty kilos, highly athletic, possessing great intelligence, a formidable hunter, and independent. The Pomsky quickly gained popularity and became a fashionable dog breed.

The purpose of this crossbreeding was to obtain a small to medium-sized dog resembling a Husky with a sweet and affectionate personality! In short, transforming the Husky into a perfect family pet!

Gradually, thanks to social media, the Pomsky gained even more popularity and attracted more and more adopters and breeders!

A trend of anything goes is thus launched!

"I want a Pomsky tomorrow!"  

And there you have it, the famous cute mini Husky that melts many hearts, but comes with a hefty price tag! However, the Pomsky is still a dog with needs. It requires attention, maintenance, patience, love, and respect!

Like any other dog, a Pomsky won't be house-trained in just two days. A puppy will chew on shoes, cry during the first nights, need to be taken outside, play with cats, not understand you, not be stubborn, and not test limits!

Like all dogs, a Pomsky will act based on its motivations. So it's important to research and read recent articles on training and building a relationship with your puppy! The more your dog trusts you, the more it will listen to you.

It's also possible to seek the help of a dog trainer to assist you in building a healthy relationship.

In any case, it's important to research and ask many questions before committing.

"I will quickly make my puppy profitable"


The popularity of the Pomsky has made it an expensive dog, so some people try to recoup their investment by breeding them or offering them for stud services on online platforms like Leboncoin...

I don't think this is the right approach or mindset to have. Breeding dogs is a real profession or passion. Beyond simply buying a female and finding a male Pomsky on Leboncoin, it involves studying bloodlines to avoid inbreeding or health issues, being able to intervene in case of a sick puppy or difficult delivery, providing early stimulation for the puppies, finding suitable adopters, and providing guidance and advice!

Moreover, it is strictly prohibited for private individuals to sell non-registered puppies. They risk a fine of 7500 euros, plus potential issues with adopters in case of health problems.
So it's important to question breeders and verify that they have a SIREN number and the ACACED certificate (certificate of capacity to be a breeder).

A Pomsky yes, but not expensive!

The Pomsky is a dog that is sold at a high price, and there may be valid reasons for it.
A reputable breeder will mostly buy their dogs from the United States.
The cost of acquiring a Pomsky for breeding can range from 7000 to 20,000 euros!
It is then necessary to conduct health tests on the breeding dogs.
Not all females will get pregnant every time.
A good breeder will seek outside stud services to improve their bloodlines and help enhance and develop the breed.

In my opinion, if you're looking for an affordable Pomsky priced at 1000-1500 euros, it's better to consider another breed that's equally cute, rather than paying that price for a puppy that may be a fake Pomsky with behavioral issues and questionable genetics.

Unscrupulous breeders 

A true race for litters and money, a real scourge for breeding dogs who end up being pregnant or offered for mating on online marketplaces. With trends changing quickly, it's all about making as much money as possible.

The mothers then go on to have litter after litter, and the males are used for mating with dogs of all kinds! A life of misery in a 5m2 box to produce puppies at exorbitant prices and enrich their owners.

Today, prospective Pomsky adopters have the opportunity to make an ethical choice and fight against unethical breeding practices.

The same goes for health tests and Embark DNA testing conducted on the breeding dogs. The breeder should be able to show you the results. As Pomsky is a non-registered breed, you won't have any recourse against a breeder who sells you a crossbreed of 5 different breeds. A true Pomsky should be a mix of Husky and Spitz.

Don't hesitate to read the following articles to learn more about Pomsky: Pomsky: Price, Behavior, Health, Tips, Expert Reviews (caniprof.com)

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