The F2 Pomsky, Second Generation Pomskies!

Chocolate Pomsky

The Pomsky is an adorable dog breed resulting from a crossbreeding between a Husky and a Spitz! This first crossbreeding produces a Pomsky of the first generation, also known as Pomsky F1. The Pomsky F2, on the other hand, is the result of crossbreeding between two Pomsky F1, also known as the first generation.

The Pomsky is therefore divided into several generations, ranging from the first to the fourth generation!

Chocolate Pomsky

How do you obtain a second generation Pomsky F2?

The Pomsky F1 - First Generation Pomsky:
- Husky * Spitz

The Pomsky F2 - Second Generation Pomsky:
- Pomsky F1 * Pomsky F1
- Pomsky F1B * Pomsky F1
- Pomsky F1A * Pomsky F1

To go further:
The Pomsky F1B is the result of crossbreeding between a Pomsky F1 and a Husky. The "B" signifies a higher percentage of Husky in the DNA of your Pomsky.

The Pomsky F1A is the result of crossbreeding between a Pomsky F1 and a Spitz. The "A" signifies a higher percentage of Spitz in the DNA of your future Pomsky.

Why choose a second generation Pomsky?

Indeed, the uniqueness of this new crossbreeding is the existence of generations. Since the breed is still new, we still refer to generations, and the first Husky-Spitz crossbreeding is still being done by some breeders.

So why choose a second generation Pomsky over a first generation Pomsky?

First of all, it's important to know that the size of a Pomsky F2 is not necessarily smaller than that of a Pomsky F1. It depends on the selection work done by the breeder and their preference. Not all breeders aim to produce a Toy Pomsky and may prefer to stick with a standard-sized Pomsky around 10kg (22lbs).
Thus, if two large-sized Pomsky F1 are bred, their puppies will also be large-sized and not necessarily smaller than those of a small-sized F1.

Choosing a Pomsky F2, therefore, allows for more insight into the temperament and morphology of your future puppy. As we progress through the generations, we achieve more stability in terms of both temperament and morphology. Puppies within the same litter resemble each other and exhibit a certain harmony.

Is the Pomsky F2 more expensive?

It can be difficult to navigate and understand the pricing of Pomskies. Each breeder sets their prices freely based on criteria they have defined themselves.

Typically, a true Pomsky with only Husky and Spitz heritage and verified by an Embark DNA test will be more expensive than a "Type Pomsky" with no genetic or health tests.
And a Pomsky F2 should be more expensive than a Pomsky F1. This is justified in various ways:

  • The price of F1 parents
  • Morphological and temperamental stability
  • Selection work

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