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The Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds are both smaller versions of the Australian Shepherd. Physically and mentally, they are similar, with only the size varying. In this article, we will describe their character and behavior and see if they can get along and adapt with children.

In terms of character, the Australian Shepherd is a working dog known for its excellence in herding, i.e., its ability to keep livestock in check.
However, for a long time, the Australian Shepherd has not only been used for work but also as a loyal companion for many families.

Indeed, the Australian Shepherd has quickly become a family dog, loved by the French.
In terms of character, it is a sociable, attentive, affectionate, and intelligent dog.

Does the character of the Australian Toy Shepherd adapt well to children?

The Australian Toy Shepherd is a small but dynamic dog, which can be impressive for young children.

Indeed, the Australian Toy Shepherd retains some characteristics of a herding dog. For example, as a puppy, it may chew on calves, grab hair, chew on books and shoes.
This less delicate approach may surprise and displease some.
However, there is absolutely no aggression in the Australian Toy Shepherd. It is a kind and affectionate dog.

However, the Australian Toy Shepherd is a dog that loves to learn and learns quickly. Children will be delighted to teach it new tricks.

It is also a dynamic and enduring dog. It will be thrilled to fetch and retrieve the ball dozens of times, play football, and run with them! The Australian Toy Shepherd and children can create and imagine wild adventures together.

I am attaching the link to my website to learn more about the character of the Australian Toy Shepherd: The Australian Toy Shepherd - Royaume Des Galopins

Is the size suitable for children?

The Australian Toy Shepherd has a perfect small dog size. 

Physically, it is not intimidating, and children will tend to approach it. Despite its small size, it is not a fearful dog, but a playful and spirited one that is always up for adventures.

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that it is still a dog with needs, not a toy, despite its small size and name "Toy." Therefore, it is important to respect its moments of calm and tranquility and not overstimulate or carry it around, for example.


The Australian Toy Shepherd, a dog close to its family

Indeed, it is a protective dog and very attached to its family.

Once the dog gets to know you well, you won't need a leash or a long line anymore. It will be attentive and follow you everywhere.
It is very pleasant for an adult and a child to have a dog by their side that gives you so much and is willing to do a lot for you.

The Australian Toy Shepherd is a very affectionate dog that loves to receive affection and also gives a lot of it, especially through big licks.


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