The Adult Toy Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Mini

The Toy Australian Shepherd was created in the USA and has recently made its appearance in France. There are currently less than ten breeders in France who work with this breed. The adult Toy Australian Shepherd is the smallest version of the Australian Shepherd.
In this article, we will introduce you to the Toy Australian Shepherd and talk about its personality, size, morphology, and needs.

Personality of the Adult Toy Australian Shepherd:

The personality of the Toy and Miniature Aussie is similar to that of the standard Australian Shepherd. It is a dog that is close to its owner but has a great need for exercise.
Indeed, the Australian Shepherd is a herding dog by nature, accustomed to guarding and rounding up livestock. It is quite funny to observe that it retains some of these characteristics. For example, it likes to keep its owners in sight, follow them everywhere, and make sure they are safe.
It is also a dog that loves to learn and be active. It will always be ready to learn new tricks, go for long walks and hikes with you, and even participate in agility courses.

You can learn more about the personality of the Toy Australian Shepherd via the following link: Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherd - Royaume Des Galopins.

Morphology of the Toy Australian Shepherd:

The Toy Australian Shepherd is smaller than the American Shepherd and the Australian Shepherd. Its standard size ranges from 25.4 to 35.6 cm (10 to 14 inches) with a weight between 5.4 kg (12 lbs) and 7.7 kg (17 lbs).

In terms of morphology, the standard is similar to that of an Australian Shepherd. The Toy is just slightly finer than a standard, but it should be difficult to tell the difference between the two just by looking at a photo.
You can find all the information about the standard of the Australian Shepherd via the following link: LOF FCI Australian Shepherd Standard | Medium-sized Dog | Auvergne Rhones-Alpes - ELEVAGE D AUSTRAL ET BOREAL | LOF Australian Shepherd Puppies available | LOF Jack Russell Puppies available | Allier and Puy de Dome | Paris region (Ile de France) (

As for the ears, the Toy Australian Shepherd should have straight and low-set ears. Its ears should not be pricked.
As for the tail of the Toy Australian Shepherd, the standard still allows for it to be short or docked at birth. However, more and more breeders are refusing this practice and leaving the tail long, which is fully accepted in the breed standard.

Exercise Needs of the Toy Australian Shepherd:

The Toy Australian Shepherd is a small dog with a high need for physical activity. It is a dog that loves to run, swim, and jump. Therefore, it is highly recommended to provide it with daily varied physical activities.
Despite its need for exercise, for me, it is not the most important aspect. Indeed, it is a dog that needs a lot of human presence. It loves its owner and loves to be in close contact with them.
So, in my opinion, it is a dog that can live in an apartment and even with a less active family. However, it will have a hard time being alone all day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. So, you need to have time to dedicate to it.
The Australian Shepherd is a dog that needs physical and sports activities but, above all, needs the presence of its owners.

Australian Shepherd adult


Advantages of the Toy Australian Shepherd:

It's a dog that has many qualities sought after by more and more families. First of all, it's a dog that is well-suited for urban living and can thrive in an apartment. Therefore, living in an apartment is no longer a hindrance to owning an Australian Shepherd.
In addition, its size is perfect if you enjoy traveling and plan to travel with your future companion. Indeed, its size allows you to keep it in the cabin of an airplane and pay reduced fare on trains.
It's also a dog that is very attached to its family, very affectionate, and gives a lot of love. It takes pleasure in following you everywhere and showering you with kisses.
This little dog is also a good guard dog that retains its herding instincts. It will alert you if there is any danger or other issues.
It's also possible to go for long walks with an adult toy Australian Shepherd without having to keep it on a leash. Once recall training is established, your Shepherd will be able to follow you everywhere!

The toy Australian Shepherd, therefore, has all the advantages and qualities of the Australian Shepherd in a smaller size.

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