Pomsky: A Family-Friendly Affectionate Dog Breed?

Pomsky blue eyes

The Pomsky is a crossbreed between a Husky and a Spitz. The goal of the crossbreeding is to soften the Husky's temperament and reduce its size, creating an affectionate and family-friendly companion dog.

It can be confusing with all the articles about Pomskies. Is the Pomsky a perfect family dog that can live in an apartment and be around young children? The answer is yes!

Affectionate Pomsky? It's all about selection

Today, the selection and raising of a puppy can vary greatly from one breeder to another, making it difficult to categorize and list the characteristics of a Pomsky's character.

As with all breeds, a dog's temperament will largely depend on the following criteria:

  • Character of the parents
  • Socialization done by the breeder between 0 and 2 months
  • Socialization done by the adopter between 2 and 3 months 
  • Experiences and living environment the dog will benefit from

Thus, the breeder's selection of their breeding dogs and the time spent socializing the puppy will determine whether a Pomsky will be affectionate or not. It will also determine its suitability for family life and whether it will have behavioral issues.

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The Pomsky: A gentle and affectionate dog!

In our breeding program, we have selected our breeding dogs for their teddy bear-like temperament and adorable appearance!

Our dogs are sociable and happy to meet people of all ages, from babies to teenagers. We are fortunate to have regular visits from family and friends to our home, so our puppies are handled and accustomed to children.

Nos Pomsky adore les enfants de tout âge du bébé de quelques mois à l’adolescent. Nous avons la chance d’avoir régulièrement famille et ami qui viennent à la maison les chiots sont donc manipulé et habitué aux enfants.

If you want to learn more about the personality traits of Pomsky: Character of a Pomsky - Royaume Des Galopins.

Breeder's choices strongly influence temperament

We have decided not to breed F1, B, and A Pomskies. Indeed, the first generation is, in our opinion, less stable. It is difficult to predict the physical and temperamental characteristics of future puppies in a first crossbreeding between a Husky and a Spitz.

The B generation involves adding more Husky blood to the puppy's DNA. This results in a puppy with 75% Husky blood and many behavioral characteristics of Huskies, such as running away, recall problems, independence, and prey drive issues.

The A generation involves adding more Spitz blood to the puppy's DNA. We do not support this process because the puppies tend to have more Spitz-like characteristics and less Husky-like traits, often with brown eyes. The dog may also have certain characteristics, such as barking regularly.

Therefore, we have chosen to work with advanced generations F3, F4, F5, which allows us to work with stable bloodlines and obtain physically and temperamentally consistent puppies.

In conclusion

In conclusion, Pomsky is still a relatively unstable crossbreed. It is important to choose your breeder carefully.
The breeder will strongly influence and determine the temperament of your future puppy through the selection of bloodlines, socialization, and generations worked with!
So, if you want a teddy bear-like Pomsky, it's best to do your research, as Pomskies can have both angelic and devilish sides!

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