Pomsky Scam: How to Avoid It?



More and more individuals are being scammed by unscrupulous breeders when purchasing a Pomsky. The main scam is receiving a Pomsky puppy with other breeds besides the recognized two, which are Pomsky and Husky. Or some dogs deviate in size and morphology from the Pomsky.

But how is this possible?

A non-LOF dog:

The Pomsky is a non-LOF (French Origins Book) breed, and as such, breeders do not have the same obligations. 

The Centrale Canine founded the French Origins Book, also known as LOF, in 1885. Its purpose is to confirm the purity of the parents. The LOF is therefore a guarantee that you are buying a purebred dog from two purebred parents.

A dog registered in the LOF must have:

  • Known parentage
  • Parents registered in the same registry and "confirmed." They must conform to the breed standards.
  • The pedigree must be registered and declared with the SCC (Central Canine Society).

To be confirmed, the dog must pass in front of breed judges during a confirmation session. It must be between 10 and 15 months old, depending on its breed, and must have finished growing. The LOF (French Kennel Club) registered dog that successfully passes the confirmation examination will then be confirmed as Cot 1 and will be eligible for breeding.

We recommend consulting the following article if you want to learn more about LOF: Le LOF | Société Centrale Canine (centrale-canine.fr)

This is why there is a higher risk of scamming with non-LOF registered breeds. 

Indeed, the breeder has no possibility of confirming their breeding dogs. There is, therefore, no verification that the parents meet the breed criteria. Moreover, it is sometimes difficult to know the lineage and ancestry of these dogs.

Pomsky scams with random crossbreeding 

The Pomsky must be a crossbreed between two unique breeds: the Husky and the Pomeranian Spitz. The presence of another breed accounting for more than 10% will mean that your puppy is not a true Pomsky, and it could be considered a scam.

However, some breeders have made crossbreeds with other breeds, among which we can mention:

  • The Samoyed
  • The Alaskan Klee Kai
  • Eskimo

In most cases, adding a Samoyed or Eskimo breed to the crossbreed results in a denser coat. The Alaskan Klee Kai allows for a smaller size and offers a Husky-like morphology with the Alaskan Klee Kai.

However, most Pomsky clubs in France and internationally will not recognize your puppy as a Pomsky if it has a percentage of another breed or multiple breeds.

Pomsky scams regarding size:

There are also many complaints from adopters about the size of their Pomsky. They are promised a Pomsky weighing 6kg, but it ends up being double that size. Adopters then feel like they have fallen victim to a Pomsky scam.

This can have various reasons, as the breed is not yet stabilized and often does not go beyond 4 generations. It is, therefore, difficult to achieve stability and homogeneity in litters. As a result, there can be significant variations in size among siblings.

Based on the birth weight and weight at 2 months, the breeder should be able to give you an approximate estimate of the puppy's adult size.

You can consult our blog on Pomsky size to learn more: Pomsky Size (royaumedesgalopins.fr)

Health problems:

Currently, there is no obligation to perform health tests.
In fact, not all breeders necessarily conduct tests. Breed clubs recommend the Embark or Wisdom health tests. These tests allow for testing of the breeding dogs and provide two key pieces of information:

  • The percentage and distribution of breeds present in the DNA
  • A check-up for over 180 genetic diseases.

The breeder should provide you with the Embark tests of the parents. This way, you can ensure that you have a true and healthy Pomsky.


How to avoid the trap? The scam?

As you may have noticed from reading this article, Pomsky breeders are currently not well-regulated. Indeed, as this crossbreed is relatively new, many breeders enter the market without proper research. Furthermore, there are no constraints or obligations for breeders, as the Pomsky is not a recognized breed but a crossbreed, and as such, any morphology is accepted. Therefore, even if you realize that your Pomsky is a mix of several breeds, you will have no legal recourse.

So, it is a matter of seriousness and morality for every breeder to offer you:

  • Pomsky puppies from a crossbreeding of Husky and Spitz
  • To test all of their breeding dogs
  • To know their bloodlines and puppies

It is best to create a relationship of trust with your breeder. You will feel confident in asking them any questions and seeking their advice.

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