From Miniature Spitz to Pomsky Breeding

Pomsky Character

The Pomsky is a mix of two breeds, the Husky and the Miniature Spitz, also known as the Pomeranian. We will tell you more about Miniature Spitz breeding and this breed,

as well as what led to the creation of the Pomsky!

Miniature Spitz Breeding and its History

The Pomeranian breed descends from the Nordic Spitz; originally bred for hunting, these types of Spitz were much larger. The popularity of the breed gradually shifted southwards in Europe, specifically in Germany.

It was there that the breed evolved, and we see the Spitz from northern countries transform into the German Spitz.

Within this same breed, there are several varieties: 

  • The Wolf Spitz 
  • The Giant Spitz 
  • The Medium Spitz 
  • The Miniature Spitz (or Pomeranian) 

The varieties of Spitz are mainly differentiated by size or coat color, depending on where they have evolved.

For example, the Wolf Spitz in Holland and the Miniature Spitz in the province of Pomerania, which is located between Germany and Poland. 

Sales of Miniature Spitz puppies skyrocketed around 2010 after the phenomenon of the Boo dog, which gained incredible popularity due to its grooming and became an internet sensation. 

The Character of the Miniature Spitz

The Miniature Spitz is cheerful, dynamic, and very affectionate. 

The Spitz is naturally fearless, not afraid of anything, and can be quite daring, while also being playful and enjoying being the center of attention. Making its owners laugh is what it does best! 

It is also a very intelligent dog, which can pose some challenges during training. It may try to jump on the couch or enter a forbidden room, but with a slightly flexible approach to its training, the Spitz may take advantage and bend a few rules. 

Here is a link to the breed standard of the Spitz from the French Kennel Club:

Combining with the Husky to Create the Pomsky... an Adorably Fluffy Bundle! 

For its Character

  • The close bond that the Spitz can form with humans can influence the Pomsky's temperament, making it less aloof compared to some Huskies.
  • Despite being energetic and playful, the Spitz also has a calm side that allows it to remain composed when needed, something that Huskies may struggle with.
  • It requires less energy and mental stimulation compared to a Husky. 

These aspects of the Spitz are desirable in the Pomsky, as they contribute to a gentler temperament that can adapt well to family life.

For its Character

  • For its Physical Characteristics The Spitz belongs to the primitive group, just like the Husky, which makes them similar in terms of physical traits. 
  • Its morphology does not deviate too much from that of the Husky, preserving the wolf-like appearance of the Husky. 
  • The Spitz is also smaller in size, allowing for smaller Pomskies that can adapt to apartment living and are more easily transportable for people who travel frequently. 

To learn more about the second ancestor of the Pomsky, we invite you to check out our second article on the Husky:


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