How to choose your Pomsky breeder?


How to choose a Pomsky breeder is an important question ; but not all prospective owners take this step. Due to lack of time and impatience!

Indeed, often we ponder on the breed we want to adopt, then we look online for available puppies on platforms like : Chiot de France, Leboncoin, Facebook, and sometimes breed clubs. And then we see an adorable face, a crush, and the puppy is available! So we dive into this new adventure!

We just forget that the breeder plays a crucial role in the socialization of the puppies. Choosing a responsible breeder is also an act of advocacy, supporting those who take care of their breeding dogs and do not compromise on their well-being or health. By selecting a conscientious breeder, you encourage their dedication and passion, and penalize unethical breeders.

Choose your breeder - Pomsky puppy

In order to guider and help your choose your Pomsky breeding, we will highlight a number of topics that will be important to discuss with your breeder, as they will all be determining factors for the future of your puppy.

Choosing your Pomsky breeding based on the health of the dogs

It is important to ask various questions to ensure the current and future health of your puppy. There are health tests to be performed on the breeding dogs for each breed. You can find the list of diseases to be tested for based on your dog's breed via the following link: Genetic identification and DNA testing for dogs (

French regulations also require breeders not to let puppies leave before they are 8 weeks old. Puppies must be vaccinated, identified, dewormed, and have a certificate of good health.
The certificate of good health is a checklist made by the veterinarian who will examine different parts of your puppy's body to ensure its good health.

It is also recommended that female dogs do notai have puppies before they are 15 months old and that they do nothavemore than 3 litters in 2 years. You can inquire about the age of the mother, and check the date of her previous litter. These criteria are automatically controlled for pedigree dogs, but they are left to the breeder's discretion for non-pedigree dogs. The number and spacing of litters will not have a direct impact on the health of your puppy but will strongly affect the health of the breeding female.

It may also be interesting to ask for the pedigree of the parents and all health tests in the case of pedigree dogs. All breeders should be able to provide them to you. With the presence of these tests, choosing your breeding will be easier.

To choose your Pomsky breeding wisely, it is important to question the environment.

There are as many breedings as there are breeders. It is important to question the environment in which the puppy has evolved. For example, you can inquire about the number of breeds raised and the number of breeding dogs present. This will give you an indication of the familial or non-familial nature of the environment.

In addition, French regulations require a minimum of five square meters per dog. However, the breeder has no obligation to take their dog out of its kennel, walk it on a leash, or provide access to an outdoor area.
In any case, a transparent breeder will give you the opportunity to visit their premises and see their breeding dogs. This way, you can quickly judge their social character. You can also see quickly if the dogs have outdoor facilities that allow them to play and enjoy some sunshine.

Inquire about the activities offered to Pomsky: :

As mentioned above, there is no legal obligation for a breeder to take their dogs out or provide intellectual and physical stimulation for them.
Therefore, it is not uncommon to find that in some Pomsky breedings, the dogs are fearful. They may not have the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities outside of the breeding. Some may not even leave their rooms.

On the other hand, some breeders put a lot of effort into socializing their breeding dogs. They offer them a family life with various activities such as dog dancing, agility, obedience, and hiking.

The character of the parents strongly influencing that of the puppies, we can only recommend choosing a breeding with sociable and cheerful breeding dogs.

Questioning the character of the parents to choose your breeding!

We emphasize the character of the parents because it greatly influences that of the puppy. Socialization during the first 3 months of the puppies' life is also crucial.
The future character of your future puppy, and therefore the relationship you will have with him ; is strongly influenced by the character of his parents, the course of gestation, and the socialization done during his first three months of life.

A conscientious Pomsky breeder will always choose their breeding dogs based not only on their physical traits, but also on their character. This is done in order to have a balanced puppy and to give them the best chance of success:

The parents should not be fearful or overly excited; they should have calm interactions with humans and other animals. This is what is expected from a good breeding dog.

The mother's gestation should have taken place in a calm and stress-free environment. She should not have experienced any trauma.

The breeder should then be attentive to the development and socialization of the puppies. From the first days of the puppy's life, the breeder can implement early stimulation. You can find more information via the following link:

Early neurological stimulation for your puppy | Ile aux chiens | Ile aux chiens | Drummonville

The puppy will gradually acquire new skills and discover the world in phases. If you want to learn more, you can consult the following article:

Puppy development in 5 stages - Growth - Age - Life - Dog (

Then, gradually, the breeder will introduce the puppy to different sounds, textures, toys, and animals. So when you go to pick up your puppy from the breeder, they should not be fearful and should have already experienced a part of the outside world!

Have you found the breeding that suits you and aligns with your values? We have no doubt that you will quickly find the furry ball of joy that will capture your heart!

You can find a list of different Pomsky breeders here: Pomsky breeders in France: we tell you everything! (

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