The F3 Pomsky, the smallest one?

Magnificent black and white Pomsky

Yes, you thought you knew everything about Pomskies, but someone just talked to you on the phone about F1, F2, F3, F4 generations, and now you're totally lost! You don't know which one is right for you anymore? We'll tell you all about the F3 Pomsky!

It's often believed that third and fourth generation puppies will be smaller in size, but that's not entirely true. It actually depends on the genetics, breeding choices, and selection made by the breeder.

Where does the F3 Pomsky come from?

The first generation Pomsky is the result of crossing a Husky with a Pomeranian Spitz, while a third generation Pomsky can be the result of:

  • Two second generation Pomskies
  • A mother of F2 generation and a father of F4 or F5 generation
  • A father of F2 generation and a mother of F4 or F5 generation


The size of an F3 Pomsky

The F3 generation does not guarantee that you will get a miniature-sized Pomsky. In fact, various factors come into play, such as:

  • The size of the parents
  • The lineage
  • The morphology of the puppy
  • Birth weight
  • The selection made by the breeder

As the Pomsky is a crossbreed of two breeds with opposite sizes, it will always be difficult for a breeder to guarantee a size. However, based on their experience, they can guide you according to your wishes and needs.

Here's an interesting article on Pomsky size: Full Grown Adult Pomsky - The Size Of An Adult Pomsky (

The temperament of a third generation Pomsky

I personally haven't noticed any behavioral differences between first and second generation Pomskies and third generation ones. It's more about the temperament of the parents and the socialization done by the breeder during the first 2 months that will influence the puppy's temperament.

In the end, F1 and F2 Pomskies have nothing to be ashamed of compared to their F3 cousins. Advancing in generations, however, allows the breeder to continue their selection work based on their criteria: weight, morphology, eye color...

To learn more about Pomskies and generations: Pomsky Generation F1, F2, F2B, can someone explain? (

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