Price of a toy Australian Shepherd in France

Australian Shepherd Toy

There are only a few breeders of toy Australian Shepherds in France, and even more broadly in Europe. The price of a toy Australian Shepherd varies depending on different criteria such as size, conformation, lineage, and health tests.

The toy Australian Shepherd is a breed that was created in the United States a few years ago by reducing the size of the standard Australian Shepherd. Through selective breeding, they have managed to create a new standard for miniature and toy Australian Shepherds.

The temperament of toy and miniature Australian Shepherds is similar to that of standard Australian Shepherds. The main difference is in size.

Toy Australian Shepherds for sale abroad

It is becoming easier to find toy Australian Shepherds for sale in the United States. In other countries, this breed is still rare and underdeveloped.
Indeed, breeders in the United States have been working diligently for several years to produce toy Australian Shepherds with good conformation and very small size.

Toy Australian Shepherds are also recognized as a breed in the United States, and there are competitions, shows, and pedigrees that facilitate the selection work of breeders.

Prices for toy Australian Shepherds in the United States vary greatly, but generally range from 3500 to 6000 euros for an American toy Shepherd.

The price is influenced by various factors, including the fact that females often have small litters, there may be difficulties during whelping with caesarean sections, and many health tests to be performed.

Here is a link to a Facebook group where you can find many discussions about toy Australian Shepherds: Teeny Tiny Toy Aussies | Facebook

Australian Shepherds for sale in France  

Toy Australian Shepherds have not been bred for long in France. There are currently less than ten toy Australian Shepherd breeders in France. Prices vary greatly, averaging from 2000 to 4000 euros.
Each breeder is free to set their own prices.
To learn about our pricing policy, I invite you to visit the following page: Condition d'Adoption Berger Américain | Royaume Des Galopins

Several factors will influence the price, including the living environment of the dogs and puppies, the physical and conformational qualities of the puppies, the origins of the parents, and the socialization done on the puppies.

It is important to do thorough research and select a breeder with whom you share common values and visions before buying a toy Australian Shepherd.

What you need to know before buying a toy Australian Shepherd

Before buying a toy Australian Shepherd, it is essential to research the breed to confirm that it meets your expectations and lifestyle.

Although it is not a difficult breed to train, it is still a small dog with big needs, including a strong need for companionship.

The toy Australian Shepherd is a kind and affectionate dog that is close to its family. It gets along well with adults, children, and other animals. It will adapt well to family life and can live in a house or an apartment. As long as the toy Australian Shepherd is with you, it will be happy.

It is important to socialize the toy Australian Shepherd from a young age, as it can tend to be fearful and wary.  
If socialization is done well by the breeder and continued by you, it will be a friendly and cheerful little dog.

Finally, like all dogs, the Australian Shepherd has needs that must be met. It is a small dog with big needs!

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