The Mini Australian Shepherd: Everything You Need to Know Before Adoption!


Toy Australian Shepherd

Le berger australien a toujours séduit de nombreux de Français. Et donc le mini berger australien également. Cependant et même si son gabarit répond aux caractéristiques recherchées par un citadin, il est important de garder à l’esprit qu’il reste un chien de berger avec un fort besoin d’activité et de présence.

Mini Australian Shepherd

The Mini American Shepherd is a dog that loves to be active!

Like all puppies, it's crucial for the Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds to receive proper socialization. We often see fearful Australian Shepherds, and this is often due to inadequate socialization. There are two main phases of socialization: the breeder's role during the critical period from 0 to 2 months, and then the family's role during the critical period from 2 to 3 months and throughout the rest of the dog's life.

The role of the breeder 

L’éleveur à un rôle primordial dans la socialisation des chiots. Tout d’abord c’est lui qui sélectionne les parents en fonction de leur morphologie mais aussi de leur caractère. Le but d’un mariage est d’arriver sur une harmonie et un chien au caractère enjoué, sociable.

Another critical phase is socialization between 0 and 2 months. The puppy will gradually start to hear, see, and smell new textures, meet new people, other species, and animals. It is important to accompany them through all these stages. Socialization should not be neglected and is an integral part of our mission.
We also offer early stimulation exercises for our puppies, which you can find through the following link: Early Neurological Stimulation - Miniature American Shepherds at Au hasard d'Éole (

We gradually introduce our puppies to new sounds, textures, and toys to enrich their environment. They also have outdoor play areas and parks designed for their comfort and safety.

The role of the family

At the time of departure, your puppy should be calm, friendly, playful, and not have any major fears. You will then be responsible for teaching them many concepts, such as house training, leash walking, recall, and being alone.

It is more important than ever to be patient. Nothing is acquired overnight. We also recommend using positive reinforcement, which means praising and rewarding the behaviors you want to see repeated, and ignoring behaviors you want to see disappear.

Durant la phase 2 à 3 mois nous vous recommandons de faire vivre à votre chiot un maximum d’expériences du quotidien. Il doit avoir une connaissance de tout ce qu’il sera amené à vivre, par exemple : le métro, le vélo, la sortie d’école, le marché… La règle d’or reste d’y aller petit à petit à mesure que votre chiot prend confiance en vous. Il est aussi important de ne pas le couper de rencontres avec d’autres chiens, enfants, chats… Si votre chiot ne voit plus et ne côtoie plus certaines choses alors automatiquement il sera amené à être davantage méfiant voire craintif à leur égard plus tard.

In any case, a dog trainer or your breeder can guide you and provide you with advice.

A popular and lovable dog

It is true that with a toy or miniature Australian Shepherd at the end of the leash, you will not go unnoticed. You will likely have more people stopping to pet this adorable bundle of fur.

Cependant, il est crucial de se rappeler que votre chiot mérite des moments de paix et de calme. Il n’est pas nécessaire de le caresser ou de le manipuler en permanence. Après tout, il reste un chien avec ses propres besoins et attentes.

It is also important to ask yourself why you want a miniature or toy Australian Shepherd. Beyond their cute appearance, you need to be able to meet their need for companionship and exercise. Even a toy Australian Shepherd is still a herding dog with many of their breed's characteristics, such as a desire to gather, nip, energy, and barking.

A highly intelligent dog

The miniature and toy Australian Shepherd is a very intelligent dog. They quickly understand what is expected of them and will go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

Our families are often impressed by how fast miniature American Shepherds learn basic commands such as sit, lie down, roll over, and give a paw. Australian Shepherds love to learn and please their owners, so this type of exercise is a great opportunity for them.

They can also be walked off-leash, which is very enjoyable during long hikes or walks in the forest. The miniature and toy Australian Shepherd has good recall and will quickly come back to your side.

However, this high intelligence can sometimes work against you. Therefore, it is important to be firm and consistent with the commands and rules you want to establish.

The Miniature American Shepherd is a sociable and inclusive dog. 

With proper socialization from a young age, they get along well with other animals and humans.

They enjoy going for walks in dog parks and playing with dogs of different breeds and ages. However, it's important to note that two unneutered males may have issues with getting along.

With humans, they are sociable and will often approach new people in the hope of receiving pets, cuddles, and attention.
However, as a dynamic dog, their exuberant approach may be overwhelming for young children, so it's important to help them channel their energy appropriately.

The Miniature American Shepherd also has a passion for competitions and canine sports such as agility, herding, tracking, dog dancing, and obedience. You can participate in various activities with them to stimulate their intelligence and energy.

To learn more about the vision and philosophy of the Miniature American Shepherd, you can visit their website : Miniature American Shepherd - Royaume des Galopins.

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