American Shepherd Adoption Conditions

All of our puppies are born at home in a room called the maternity room that is specially designed to meet their needs.

We constantly monitor them to make sure everything is going well. Our puppies are handled every day and given early stimulation exercises from the first days of their arrival to ensure optimal awakening.
You can learn more about early stimulation through the following link: Early neurological stimulation for your puppy | Ile aux chiens | Ile aux chiens | Drummonville

Little by little, we introduce them to new textures, smells, and sounds, always with kindness and gentleness.

From a very young age, they are in contact with children of all ages and different species of animals, including cats.

Socialization between 0 and 3 months is crucial to ensure that you have a confident and well-adjusted puppy.

Because it is important to offer you puppies that meet your physical and psychological criteria, the puppies will be assigned at 5 weeks old when we have a better understanding of their character. We will be able to talk to you about them and their personality, even if it is subject to change.

Adoption process

Le Verger Américain vous a séduit et vous souhaitez en accueillir un ?

First, we offer a telephone exchange. This exchange will be an opportunity to talk about our breeding and ethics and also to get to know each other.

After this exchange, we will offer you to join our waiting list. You will then need to pay a deposit of 500 euros and fill out our online form. We will then know your criteria and contact information precisely.
Once the transfer is made, you will receive an order confirmation and will officially be on our waiting list.

We will keep you informed in advance of mating, ultrasounds, and births.

From birth to the departure of the puppies, you will receive videos and photos every 2 to 3 days. You can then start to express preferences, but the final choice will only be made at 5 weeks old, and in order of arrival on the waiting list.

We wait until the puppies are 5 weeks old to precisely determine the color of their eyes and begin to see their personalities emerge.

We accept payment in instalments, but the puppy must be fully paid before departure.

All of our puppies leave the breeding at 8 weeks old: 

  • Identified with an electronic chip
  • Vaccinated 
  • Certificate of good health established by our veterinarian
  • Dewormed every two weeks until departure
  • Reservation or sales contract
  • A puppy kit with toys they enjoy
  • A guide and educational advice to facilitate their arrival at home
  • A Santévet insurance for 3 months 

Price of an American Shepherd

Our American Shepherds are sold between 2500 and 3300 euros depending on their coat, eye color, and morphology.

For breeding purposes, our puppies will only be sold to people who share the same vision of breeding. We appreciate transparency from our future adopters regarding this matter. Puppies sold for breeding will be offered starting at 3000 euros.