Our adult dogs available

The Pomsky

The Perfect Mix of Husky and Spitz

We want each of our dogs to enjoy a family life. That is why we only have 2 to 3 litters with our female dogs before finding them a forever home.

The Pomsky is a brand new crossbreed between the Husky and the Spitz. It's a crossbreed that requires careful selection work. This selection work necessitates regularly changing lineages to progress through the generations. We also aim to provide each of our dogs with a family life and, most importantly, not exhaust them with numerous litters throughout their lives. On average, our females have between 3 and 5 litters over their lifetime and retire between the ages of 2 and 4. Some females from beautiful lineages may also be offered for reproduction to small family breeders who share the same vision as us. 

Adult Pomsky - Yukon - Male


Yukon is a magnificent male that we imported from the United States. 
It is chocolate-coloured and of F4 generation.


Yukon is an advanced generation Pomsky male. He is of standard build and weighs around 16kg. 
He's an adorable, gentle dog who codes very well with other dogs, both male and female. The ideal home for him would be a family that is always on hand to offer him lots of sporting activities. 

Practical Information

We would like to find a family for Yukon less than an hour from our kennel in order to place him on a 2-year contract. 
Yukon has been placed at a price of 1900e with a reproduction contract for 2 years. 


Adult American Shepherd - SYA - Female


Sya is a very pretty Miniature American Shepherd Blue Merle with two blue eyes. 
She was born in France and is LOF and confirmed.


Sya is a lovely dog who is not suited to life in a kennel. We are therefore looking for a new family for her. 
Sya will need a patient family to build up her confidence. She should be the only dog in her family. 
Her future family must have no young children or plans for a future baby. 

Practical Information

Sya can join you now. 
Price: €1,500
Sya is 2 years old.