The white Pomsky!

Pomsky blanc yeux bleus

The white color is an accepted color in Pomsky! Indeed, the Pomsky is a first-generation crossbreed between a Spitz and a Husky! In the second generation, the Pomsky is directly descended from a marriage between two F1 Pomskies, and in the third generation, Pomsky F3, it is descended from a marriage between two F2 Pomskies, also known as second generation.

The Pomsky is fascinating due to its diversity in terms of weight (from 4 to 16kg), morphology, coat length (Standard, Fluffy, Wooly), eye color (heterochromia, parti-colored, blue, brown, green, amber), generation (F1, F2, F3, F4), and coat color (fox, white, gray & white, black & white, red & white…).

White is a coat color found in Huskies but also in Spitz, so it's perfectly normal to find this color in Pomskies! The eyes of a white Pomsky can be brown or blue!
Unlike Huskies, which often have blue eyes, Spitz have brown eyes!
So, a white Pomsky with blue eyes would have inherited them from the Husky!

White Pomskies can have short hair, which is called standard, or long hair, which is called Fluffy!

White Pomsky with blue eyes

As with all Pomskies, it's difficult to determine the size of a Pomsky as an adult. The F1, F2, F3, F4 generations have nothing to do with the size of your future Pomsky.
Three factors will influence the size of your Pomsky: the size of the parents, the bloodlines selected by the breeder, and the percentage of Husky genes present.
Therefore, it's important to communicate with your breeder to get a puppy of the desired size.

Several breeders in France and the United States offer white Pomsky puppies! The prices for an all-white puppy are slightly lower than those with a flower of Lys (markings)!

To learn more about the Pomsky and its temperament: All about the adult Pomsky? - Royaume Des Galopins
Lien d’un élevage proposant souvent des Pomsky blanc : Link to a breeder often offering white Pomskies: Pomsky Breeding France Price - Sandra Pomsky Pomeranian (


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