Pomsky Michou, the craze of Pomsky on social media!

Pomsky michou

The Pomsky is a new trendy crossbreed resulting from the crossbreeding between a Husky and a Pomeranian. The Pomsky was intentionally created by humans in the United States in the 2000s. It quickly became famous thanks to social media, including in France with the most well-known Pomsky in France, Pomsky Michou, a female dog named Yuki.

The Pomsky is what is known as a 'designed dog.' It is a dog that was created by humans by crossing two primitive dogs with completely different size and morphology. The goal of this crossbreeding is to maintain the morphology of the Husky while reducing its size and softening its temperament to make it suitable for family life.

The power of social media

While there are increasingly new breeds such as Labradoodle, Aussiedoodle, Goldendoodle, Yoranian, it is the Pomsky that has taken the spotlight. The Pomsky owes its popularity to social media.

Indeed, on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, we see more and more Pomskies with thousands of followers. What makes them famous is their cute teddy bear appearance, Husky-like morphology, and above all, a fun and friendly personality that makes them real little mischief-makers.

People love being able to follow their lives, their progress, and their antics, and it's true that the Pomsky is fascinating.
The Pomsky is very popular because it retains a Husky-like appearance.

The Husky remains a dog that many dream of and is fascinated by its appearance and elegance. However, as many know, the Husky is a primitive dog that requires a lot of activities and excellent training to become a good family dog.
Its size also makes it difficult to adapt to city life, especially in urban areas. It is happier in a large garden with long walks in the forest and mountains on weekends.

The Pomsky is creating a buzz because physically it resembles the Husky that many people dream of, but in terms of size and temperament, it is perfectly adaptable to family life and can live in an apartment.

We provide you below the link to the 5 most famous Pomskies in the United States:

5 Most Famous Pomskies on Social Media – Cute Pomsky (pomeranian-husky.com)

Pomsky Michou, the Pomsky is also becoming popular in France

Michou is a young Youtuber who became famous thanks to his gaming videos. This young Youtuber quickly introduced his dog on Youtube! It is the beautiful Yuki, a short-haired Pomsky with a light coat and blue eyes.

Pomsky michou

Michou has made numerous videos with his Pomsky where he introduces her, shares his life with her, tests her intelligence, and shows us her mischief.

In these videos, it is clear to see that the Pomsky is a dog full of energy and dynamism.

You can find the video of his adoption via the following link: Michou adopts a dog: the Pomsky Yuki! (divertir.eu)

By searching on Youtube, you will find many other videos of Pomsky Michou.

Michou is not the only famous Pomsky in France. Indeed, more and more adopters are creating Instagram accounts for their Pomskies, and a real community is forming around this emerging breed.

As with any breed, it is important to be mindful of trends and do your research to make sure that the Pomsky meets your expectations and lifestyle. You can find more information about its temperament via the following link: Character of a Pomsky - Royaume Des Galopins.

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